• Digital Now Rules: Ad budgets split between local newspapers or radio and digital media make less and less sense as the power of automated tools like Targetable shows provable results in customer acquisition, time management and cost savings.

  • DCO Works: The ad tech trend toward Digital Creative Optimization (DCO), which applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to the process of producing, distributing and leveraging ads, has lowered to cost-per-lead for many business owners.

  • New Regs Won't Hurt 'Platform Advertisers': New digital privacy regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act that went into effect on Jan. 1, will have little effect on restaurants, real estate agents and other local advertiser whose route to customers goes not through their own platforms but rather via through large digital markets like Facebook and Instagram.

About Targetable: Targetable  is app-based marketing tool that automates the creation of social media advertising campaigns for the restaurant industry and other businesses. Targetable's algorithm tailors ads to match client marketing goals and targeted geographies, getting smarter over time as it ingests the desires and behaviors of ideal new customer.

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