Are all the 12 benefits part of the Executive Council package?

Yes of course! For $200 per month you are getting a ROI that you couldn't ask for. Several companies are surprised about this 'Incredible Offer' and 'Amazing Deal' that we are offering. There are no hidden costs. We are committed to offer you the visibility you deserve. We know how to turn your CEO/team into industry thought-leader(s) via by-lined articles, commentary, virtual speaking opportunities, awards and more - showcasing their expertise to the sought-after audience of decision makers.

Do you share the analytics of the articles published?

Yes, we do. After 15 days from the date of publishing, we will be sending you a report that includes the number of page views and unique visitors who read your article in the magazine. Analytics will be shared for these articles: Company Spotlight, Guest Articles, Retail Transformation and Thought Leadership Q&A.

Will I get leads by opting for this package?

No. We have other products like white papers, survey, custom webinars for lead generation. All of these products are priced upwards of $15,000.

Do we refund if we fall short of what is promised?

Hopefully we will not fall short. We believe in under promising and over delivering! In the event the advertiser is not satisfied with the guaranteed services, RetailToday shall grant rebates to the advertiser in advertising space credit only, which must be used within six (6) months following the shortfall.

Is RetailToday a print magazine?

No. We are a digital-only magazine. From 2023, RetailToday will be a published every Monday as a weekly digital magazine.

Can two members from our leadership team be part of the Executive Council?

Yes. However, you will have to sign up for an additional sponsorship package.

What is the circulation and reach for this publication?

Please visit About RetailToday page.

There are several benefits being offered. How do we ensure we don't miss out one of the benefits?

Don't worry. Our support team will interact with you several weeks prior to the deadline of a particular benefit. We will stay in touch with your team throughout the year.


Can company blogs be published online website of RetailToday?

Yes. We would really encourage you to make original, exclusive submission to RetailToday. In certain cases, we are okay to re-publish your already publish blog. Please note, an exclusive content would mean Google algorithms will value it higher than republished piece.

Can you show samples of each of the benefits being offered?

On every page of the benefit, if you click on the graphics (image on display), it leads you to specific page in our digital magazine that gives you an idea of what is being offered.

Can articles submitted for RetailToday be used in other places?

Yes. Usually the Company Spotlight/ Guest articles/ Thought Leadership interview that you submit are exclusively meant for RetailToday. However, in certain cases when you want to re-publish the articles elsewhere, we would recommend you to give due credits. At the end of the article you may state "This article was originally published in RetailToday magazine".

Does RetailToday team support in curating content for Company Spotlight or Guest articles?

Yes. Our content writers can do the ghost writing for you. The pricing for a 1000-word article is $300.

If we opt for an Executive Council sponsorship package, can other members of our leadership team contribute articles?

Yes. Only one executive (usually CEO) would be recognized as an Executive Council member. However, other executives can contribute articles/ insights. As part of the package, two guest articles can be published in the magazine and any number of guest articles can be published on RetailToday website (Insights section).

Does RetailToday team help in designing the creative or art work?

Yes. Our designers can do this for you at an additional pricing of $250. Additional royalty fee applies in case you want us to use images from Getty images or any other sources.

Can we embed video, back links and interactive elements to the art work?

Yes, certainly. Our magazine is HTML5 based. So, there is ample scope to experiment with all possibilities technology offers.



Do you have other branding opportunities other than Executive Council?

Yes. For companies with a higher budget we have a 'Leadership Council' sponsorship package priced at $10000. Along with the benefits of the Executive Council package, we offer you Cover Story opportunity, website advertisements, newsletter advertisement and ability to disseminate your company webinar details to RetailToday audience. Please note, we have a limit on number of companies opting for this package. Looking for enhanced visibility? Contact us! We can customize a package that focuses on your priorities for exposure.

Can we make a decision on signing up for Executive Council sometime next year?

Yes. But please remember, all the 12 benefits are offered from Nov 2022 to Oct 2023. If you sign up later, you will be missing out on the opportunities of earlier months, especially November 2022 and January 2023 being a key months wherein you benefit with our award recognition and company spotlight.

I have less budget. Do you do have any other option other than Executive Council package?

Yes. You can choose from individual offerings of any other 12 benefits. There is a separate pricing for each. But please note, we are offering worth $6000 benefits within the Executive Council sponsorship package at a special pricing of $2500 for a limited period.

Can I make the payment in instalments?

Yes, as long as you make the payment before November 4, 2022.

What are the payment modes?

We accept payments via check/ wire transfer/ credit card (Stripe link).

If we decide to participate in the year-long exposure as part of Executive Council, what are the next steps?

Once you confirm, we will send you a contract to sign.