Retail Today Executive Council is for executive leaders who dream big and take action. If you want to establish trends and impact the course of the retail industry, Retail Today Executive Council is right for you.

We are offering exclusive members-only benefits to enhance personal visibility and company visibility. Through a combination of by-lined articles, thought leadership interviews, company recognition, press postings and advertisement you get a healthy mix of brand options to have your company stand out from the rest.

To provide the most relevant and thoughtful space for our members to share their perspectives, we segment Retail Today Executive Council into following Councils. You may join a Council that's most appropriate for you and your company.

Why do Readers come to us?

  • Potential Solutions for their challenges
  • Access to insight from industry experts
  • Curated Content that sheds light on topics aligned with their business


 How do you benefit:

  • Journalists will reach out to you
  • Your company benefits from website referral traffic
  • You may even get speaking engagements
  • Attract Potential Clients, Investors and Talent
  • Improve Search Discoverability
  • Position yourself as a thought leader
  • Deepen relationships with clients and partners.

Technology Council

For senior-level executives powering technology transformations across various segments of the retail--merchandising, inventory, customer experience, store operations, analytics etc.

Leadership Council

This is exclusively for companies looking for greater visibility above what Executive Council offers. (This is priced at 2x the sponsorship fee of Executive Council.)

Not sure which council is right for you? Do you fit into multiple councils? Don't Worry. You can opt to be part of the broader Retail Today Executive Council. You will have the option to switch to a specific council at any time.

eCommerce Council

For senior-level executives helping brands develop digital commerce strategies and technology.

Consulting Council

For senior-level executives offering services and helping retailers rethink their strategies to stay ahead of the game (IT, Store Design, Management, Sales, Brand Development, Merchandising, HR)

Agency Council

For senior-level Agency executives offering services in the areas of public relations, media, creative, marketing, design and development or advertising agency.

Human Resources Council

For senior-level executives focused on empowering the frontline associates and disrupting HR for Retail Companies

Marketing Council

For senior-level executives who are at the forefront of reshaping Retail Marketing

Finance Council

For senior-level executives who are impacting the Retail Financial Management space.

Supply Chain Council

For senior-level executives who are driving data-driven approach to manage supply chains and logistics.