1. Politics will impact retailer strategies, but consumers don’t care as much as retailers expect.
  2. Consumers would rather get free shipping over expedited shipping, putting more pressure on retailers to offer competitive shipping deals.
  3. Shoppers prefer the lowest shipping cost over an eco-friendly shipping option.
  4. To avoid paying for shipping, most consumers would go in-store to purchase an item.
  5. Consumers expect retailers to provide expedited shipping options during the holiday season, resulting in less pressure to shop early.
  6. White-glove concierge service is a “nice to have” — for now. 
  7. Retailers are peeling back their investments in mobile and social advertising.
  8. Credit card rewards are undercutting retail loyalty programs.
  9. Few consumers have signed up for subscription services, despite early adoption by millennials.
  10. Amazon Prime Day may be the new Black Friday, with consumers saying they found better deals in July 2019 than on the historic shopping day in November.

February 2020