“Our 2020 trends show the continued changing preferences of consumers and the power they still hold over retailers,” said Sara Skirboll, shopping and trends expert at RetailMeNot. “For example, RetailMeNot found at the beginning of 2019 that retailers were bullish about voice-assisted shopping but as the year unfolded, only 16% of consumers reported ever buying a product via their smart home speakers. As a result, only 38% of retailers plan to implement a voice-assisted shopping strategy this year.” 

In response to the election year, more retailers are taking a stand on political or social issues. In fact, an overwhelming majority (90%) of retailers are overlooking the old taboo of remaining politically agnostic and will make some changes to how they market this year. This includes:

  • Being more willing (48%) to take a public stand on social values in 2020
  • Being more conscious (56%) of any political connections that can be made to what they post on social channels
  • Designing marketing materials (44%) to tie the election into what they are selling
  • Having a sale (43%) related to Election Day
  • Looking back at 2016 shopping trends (44%) to inform their strategies accordingly.

Even so, only 40% of Americans say the election will impact the brands they shop.

Taking a Stand to Stand Out