Despite rising popularity of online shopping, nearly all consumers (99%) shopped in a physical store in the past 12 months. New research commissioned by Coldwell Banker Commercial® and conducted online by The Harris Poll assessed American preferences surrounding in-store shopping.

The Coldwell Banker Commercial consumer survey found consumers chose to shop in store over the past 12 months for ease, immediacy and experience. Details from the survey on why consumers chose to shop in store in the past 12 months include: to purchase a product they needed immediately (61%), experience a product before buying it (55%), browse and get ideas (50%) and take advantage of in-store sales / coupons (49%).

“Consumers still want the experience of in-store retail, and the numbers show they’re also looking for personalized assistance,” said Daniel Spiegel, managing director of Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates. “Retailers can drive people to stores by creating stellar experiences and customer service. I recently went to a new store that was set up like a market with various vendors around the space. Perhaps it’s the new department store model. Clearly, there’s still a strong desire for in-store shopping, retailers can get more creative with their spaces to attract shoppers.”