In Conversation with Stephen Gottlich, Sr. Vice President, Innovation and Strategy, Gable

HQ: San Rafael, CA

For Gable, kiosks are a vital communication tool and link to consumers at the Point of Decision (POD). We see a kiosk as an interactive canvas that can be placed in places and spaces to meet and greet customers.

We collaborate with retailers and property developers to create and implement visual communication projects in the built world. Leading organizations across the U.S. and abroad partner with us to enhance the in-store customer experience, promote brands, influence choice, and drive positive results. Our retail solutions range from digital interactive kiosks with touchscreen capabilities to illuminated Bright Display™ lightboxes that leverage the power of co-op advertising to create an ROI.

End-to-End Kiosk Solutions

Adam Aronson, Founder & CEO

Gable currently supplies complete end to end kiosk solutions to a broad variety of customers, from Wayfinding solutions to DOOH in Grocery. In all cases we focus on a combination of leading-edge technology, coupled with customer experiences as a focus, the addition of analytics usually derived from Anonymous Camera Data to prove the effectiveness of our solutions is the final piece of the puzzle that allows us to understand the effectiveness of the solutions we provide.

Our wayfinding solutions that can be seen in the majority of the leading shopping centers in the USA and South America reflect the focus on a customer experience as a primary goal with a secondary goal being Advertising revenue to support the implementation of these solutions. Gable has thousands of screens employed and there can be no doubt that the experiences offered capture the attention of consumers and in doing so a valuable exchange of information occurs.

In the DOOH environment, primarily in Grocery, Gable is working on implementation of kiosks that serve multiple purposes, but in all cases customer engagement is paramount, being able to greet a customer at “Check In “with compelling offers is an area we are focused on.

In both cases our ability to capture customer data as it relates to demographics, emotion, interest in content is an invaluable tool.


Experiential Kiosks

All of the kiosk solutions Gable provides are anchored on improving customer experiences. As the User Experience and User Interface development (UI and UX) improves and becomes both an art and a science then kiosks will become more of the typical interface at retail. It has been proven that at QSR in particular, kiosks are a more efficient and accurate point of contact than a human interface, kiosks can communicate in multiple languages, offer clear descriptions of products and services and in many cases have the ability to upsell in a non salesy manner that consumers appreciate.

As consumers are given more and more shopping choices, we are confident that the stories we can tell using digital signage in general and interactivity at kiosks in particular is a fast-growing need and trend. The challenge ahead is providing not just the hardware but a solution that inspires and informs consumers to make choices and that requires a company who offers an end to end solution that includes consultancy, design, the art of storytelling and the ability to make sure that all the technology employed is up and running.

We see the future embracing a higher usage of loyalty programs tied to purchase behavior and kiosks are a perfect connection to these programs, the rewards they offer and a place to communicate the benefits of these programs effectively. As we become a more multi-cultural world, the ability for kiosks to communicate in many languages makes them a point of contact to many that is preferable to a human interface that in many cases does not offer the expected experience consumers demand. We believe that financial institutions such as banks, grocery stores, drug stores and other essential industries will see a growing need to implement kiosks to provide the services demanded.

Turnkey Kiosk Program

To guide clients through the kiosk development process, we engage a collaborative development team to address the program goals, creative design, and solution integration. Gable’s team of creative, innovative, and talented experts are dedicated to giving our clients solution-oriented results that exceed their expectations.

Customizable kiosks can create frictionless shopping experiences that helps customers get exactly what they want without the hassle of searching store floors or dealing with lines. These visual solutions are just a few examples of ways that one can work towards not only enhancing your customer’s experience but to also generate extra revenue through programmatic advertising. Understanding shoppers needs provides framework for the user experience design such as developing software that easily switches languages to accommodate growing international audience. Global research and development in hardware and software is an ongoing evolution with the rapid pace of technological advancement.

In Tune with Latest Trends

By staying on top of the discovery of new strategies and tech, we are effectively able to innovate and implement visual solutions that are tailored for our client's needs. Innovation is abundant, we are seeing the inclusion of multiple functions such as voice activation particularly in the banking world where ATM’s are becoming more of a full banking service than ever before, airports are using kiosks effectively for sophisticated experience filled wayfinding solutions that include boarding pass readers, voice activation, NFC and RF features. The link between mobile devices and kiosks is the focus of many innovative trends today, kiosks act as the billboard, the headline news designed to activate and create a reaction that can then be followed up either on the kiosk itself or on any mobile device.

Collaborating with Clients

We work with our clients to understand their businesses and develop strategies that prioritize their goals and elevate the customer experience. We help retailers grow revenue and reduce costs while improving customer experiences. We believe in relationships and helping people and businesses make real results. Our clients won’t get a long list of products from us, but what they will get is a trusted partner whose mission is to provide you with the best visual solutions to ensure they’re on top of your experiential retail game.

Our team places a high value on collaboration and our commitments to each other, our clients and the community. Inspired by design innovation, craftsmanship, and technology, our work is seen daily all over the United States – and beyond. The high visibility of our work inspires us to perform with excellence, develop new techniques, and keep moving our industry forward.