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Lessons from the C-Suite: Modernizing the In-Store Experience with Unified Commerce


Chad Best

SVP, Customer Experience Operations, Lovesac

Nitin Mangtani

Founder & CEO
Predict Spring Inc

Jonas Goossens


Oz Saar

Steve Madden

During this session at NRF2024, industry experts underscored the transformative impact of unified commerce on the retail landscape. Unified commerce, as highlighted by the panelists, represents the convergence of online and offline shopping experiences, catering to customers at any stage of their purchasing journey. Setting the stage, Nitin Mangtani, Founder & CEO of PredictSpring, articulated, "Unified commerce meets customers where they are - blending online and offline experiences for a seamless journey."

Chad Best, SVP of Customer Experience Operations at Lovesac, shared insights into Lovesac's journey, highlighting the brand's commitment to enhancing customer experiences across various touchpoints. Renowned for its patented modular couches, Lovesac recognized the need to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping experiences. The implementation of PredictSpring's POS not only streamlined operations but also facilitated quicker transactions and enhanced associate training, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction. Best noted, "We operate over 270 brick-and-mortar locations and have embraced a diverse array of shopping formats, including kiosks, mobile stores, and partnerships. Our focus on customer experience spans from real estate selection to post-purchase service, all aimed at delivering exceptional service."

Oz Saar, CIO of Steve Madden, emphasized the importance of technology in modernizing retail operations. By leveraging PredictSpring's mobile POS capabilities, Steve Madden empowered its associates to provide seamless service while enabling real-time inventory management. "With our deployment of PredictSpring, we've witnessed significant improvements in our Mexico division, leading to enhanced store operations and customer interactions,"

Jonas Goossens, COO of Bouclair, shared Bouclair's success story, emphasizing the transformative impact of modern POS systems on their business operations. "By embracing omni-channel capabilities, including buy online pick up in-store and endless aisle functionalities, we've streamlined operations and elevated the in-store experience," said Jonas.

The conversation then shifted towards the adoption of AI in retail operations. Chad Best highlighted the importance of leveraging AI to empower associates, stating, "The true unlock for me is figuring out how to leverage AI to provide associates with tools and information to deliver consistent, efficient service across all touchpoints."

Oz Saar echoed this sentiment, expressing Steve Madden's focus on utilizing AI for inventory planning and replenishment efforts. "We're utilizing AI in analytics to enhance inventory planning and replenishment, aiming to optimize stock levels and improve operational efficiency," Saar explained.

Jonas Goossens outlined Bouclair's AI initiatives, including AI-powered customer service and visual content creation. "We're piloting AI for customer service to pre-formulate responses for service agents and exploring AI for creating visual content and product descriptions," Jonas elaborated.

In closing, Nitin Mangtani reiterated the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing the retail landscape. "AI holds the key to transforming store experiences and delighting both associates and consumers," he noted.

Overall, the discussion highlighted the critical role of unified commerce and AI in shaping the future of retail, underscoring the importance of leveraging technology to deliver seamless and personalized shopping experiences. As retail continues to evolve, brands that embrace innovation and prioritize customer-centric strategies are poised for success in the competitive market landscape.

JUNE 2024