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Executive View

Exploring Compucom's methodology and competitive advantage in the retail consulting landscape with CEO Kevin Shank.

Could you provide insight into Compucom's distinctive approach to delivering successful retail projects? How do you consistently uphold excellence in your methodologies when serving clients in the retail sector? 

What sets your company apart from competitors in the retail consulting arena? Why should prospective clients choose to collaborate with Compucom over other consulting firms specializing in the retail sector? Additionally, could you elaborate on the unique strengths and advantages of your service offerings relative to the competition? 

  1. Compucom, which serves four of the top six retailers in the Fortune 500, improves a retailer’s operational efficiency and customer experience by delivering technology sourcing, infrastructure services and end-user support solutions through a customer-centric approach.

  2. We prioritize understanding our customers' unique needs and tailor solutions to improve employee productivity and engagement.

  3. In addition, with one of the largest company-badged support networks in the United States and Canada, we keep retailers up and running with virtual, onsite, dispatched, and proactive support.

  4. This integrated approach simplifies client engagements and ensures a unified strategy.
  1. Compucom sets itself apart in the retail industry through three distinctive solutions.
  • End-to-End Solutions: Compucom offers a comprehensive suite of services, including device lifecycle and management, digital support, and field services as well as technology sourcing.

  • Focus on Digital Employee Experience: We track, measure, analyze, and improve four key areas of the employee digital work experience, including technology choice, workplace flexibility, self-sufficiency, and the overall support experience.

  • IT and AI Operations: Whether managing a retailer's security, the cloud, or their infrastructure and network, Compucom leverages its years of experience in AIOps to decrease downtime and increase efficiencies.

Compucom has decades of experience working with many of America’s leading store chains on effective IT solutions and compelling digital platforms. We’re connecting people, technology, and the edge with a seamless experience.

Please elaborate on the technical competencies and capabilities that Compucom brings to the table, which would be of particular interest to potential retail clients. Additionally, could you provide a brief overview of the services your firm offers within the retail consultancy spectrum?  

  1. Digital Transformation: Compucom helps retailers embrace digital technologies, enabling e-commerce, mobile apps, and personalized customer experiences.

  2. Point of Sale (POS) Solutions: We deliver advanced POS systems, enhancing checkout efficiency and customer engagement.

  3. IT Infrastructure: Our expertise in designing, implementing, and managing robust IT infrastructures supports your retail operations and scales as needed.

  4. Managed Services: Comprehensive support, including helpdesk, remote monitoring, and IT maintenance, help keep systems running smoothly.

  5. Security: Strong focus on data security, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and protecting customer information.

In the retail consultancy spectrum, Compucom provides end-to-end solutions encompassing technology strategy, implementation, and ongoing support tailored to meet the unique needs of each retail client.