Tobi Buxhoidt, Founder & CEO of parcelLab, discusses the post-purchase landscape and highlights parcelLab's global influence in reshaping post-purchase processes.

Elevating Post-Purchase Experiences:

Meeting eCommerce demand

Replicating in-store personalized interactions

Increased customer loyalty

USP: Technical flexibility, tailor-made solutions

Challenges of post-purchase experience

Integrating 3PL & logistics data

Lessons: from post-purchase scenarios

Product Roadmap: Innovations & upgrades

 Key Takeaways

Pushing the Boundaries

Considering the exponential growth of e-commerce in recent years and the substantial rise in returns, it seems imperative that a new leadership approach was needed to revolutionize the post-purchase customer experience. How has parcelLab under your leadership filled this need in shaping the future of post-purchase interactions?

Can you share insights and key takeaways from parcelLab's journey in navigating the intricate landscape of post-purchase customer experience management? What pivotal lessons have been gleaned that can benefit others in the industry?

Could you provide insights into the tangible impact observed by customers who integrated the parcelLab solution into their online stores? How has this influenced their post-purchase processes and customer satisfaction?

Looking forward, how do you perceive the competitive dynamics in the 'post-purchase experience solutions' segment evolving in the near future? Additionally, what trends do you foresee as the most influential factors shaping the 'Post-purchase Experiences' segment in the coming one to three years?

The retail industry is all about personal connection. When shopping started to shift online, it took a long time for retailers to realize that they needed to find ways to replicate in-store personalized interactions. The team at parcelLab has learned that retailers often miss out on the opportunity to connect with customers and build brand loyalty even after their first purchase. Creating digital touchpoints, such as personalized product recommendations and retailer-hosting tracking pages, is key to engaging customers to keep up with the rapidly shifting world of ecommerce.

Our customers can expect to see increased customer loyalty and revenue retention after implementing our solutions. Satisfied customers often return back to retailers after positive experience, and our white labelled post-purchase communications allow retailers to redirect customers back to their website for delivery tracking, order inquiries, and more. By providing proactive delivery notifications, retailers can reduce order anxiety, which saves overhead costs due to decreased where is my order/where is my return (WISMO/WISMR) requests to customer service. Saving these costs allow retailers to continue investment into customer experience to secure customer loyalty for years to come.

Many players in the post-purchase space offer similar features of returns management and tailored communications – but where competitors fall flat is their ability to provide flexibility to the retailers they serve. Oftentimes, post-purchase experience platforms suffer from a technical rigidity. Where parcelLab shines is its ability to adapt to each brand, with tailor-made solutions built to serve each unique customer. In the next few years, I foresee solutions working to catch up to provide the hyper segmentation that retailers need. As demographics continue to shift and consumers respond to increased choices, brands will have to keep up to meet their customers where they are at.

At parcelLab, we have led the charge in providing an innovative and flexible post-purchase solution that empower retailers to increase top-line revenue, decrease operational costs, and optimize the customer experience. To meet this exponential market demand, we’ve launched our Retain product suite to empower retailers with a returns platform that helps navigate the growing number of retail returns by providing proactive tracking and seamless, tailored experiences that take the hassle out of a previously arduous process. The future of post-purchase meets customers where they are at and provides them with delightful experiences that keep them coming back for years to come.

parcelLab is the only truly global enterprise post-purchase software provider, enabling brands to increase top-line revenue, decrease operational costs, and optimize the customer experience. Trusted by over 800+ brands including IKEA, Chico’s, H&M, and Yeti, we actively manage the post-purchase experience across 175 countries and track shipping data from more than 350 carriers worldwide. 

The post-purchase experience management presents its own set of complexities and challenges. Could you illuminate the specific hurdles businesses face in managing this crucial phase effectively? Furthermore, what enduring strategies do you recommend for brands to enhance their long-term post-purchase customer experience?

Retailers often struggle with making their post-purchase experience unique. With logistics, tracking, emails, and more making up the experience, customers often feel lost with the shuffle of information. To enhance this experience in the long term, the solution really lies in the ability to deploy targeted marketing campaigns tailored to the type of customer retailers are trying to reach. Customers are truly delighted by communications that feel personalized, and prioritizing communications that embody the look and feel of the brand will always stand out amongst the pack.

Automation has played a significant role in post-purchase processes for many brands and e-commerce players. Could you delve into the varied methodologies and technologies they've adopted, shedding light on how automation is transforming the post-purchase phase? What obstacles might be impeding others from implementing similar automated solutions?

Could you share an illustrative example of both the best and worst post-purchase experiences you have observed within the industry in 2023? What valuable lessons can businesses glean from these instances to elevate their own practices?

Finally, could you provide a glimpse into the future trajectory of your company? What strategic direction and plans do you envision that will propel your organization forward in the post-purchase experience landscape?

parcelLab can provide such a wealth of data because of how it embeds 3PL and logistics data, easily integrated into the platform. Retailers have a wealth of information at their disposal as a result – they can provide customers with up-to-date information on their order journey. Other solutions providers often have geographic limitations when it comes to logistics integrations. But parcelLab is truly global, integrating data from hundreds of 3PL and last mile providers to provide succinct and accurate information that allows customers full visibility from the moment they click ‘Buy’ to when it arrives at their doorstep.

Through our research, we have seen many retailers fail to provide proactive information to customers post-purchase. For example, sometimes the only email a customer receives is when they purchase the product. Delivery delays happen – and so when customers’ expectations for delivery estimates are not met, it often leads to order anxiety and a flurry of phone calls to locate their order. Without regular tracking info, customers spend more time on hold with customer service than they do shopping. On the other hand, our customers can provide updated tracking information hosted directly from their own web domains and have reported increase in repeat customers and lower cart abandonment. Retailers would be wise to take a lesson in providing transparency to their customers.

parcelLab will continue to equip our customers with platform upgrades and product innovations that put them in the driver’s seat. We want our retailers to feel empowered by our platform, not confined by it. Our new platform innovations allow non-technical users to deploy strategic post-purchase marketing campaigns with minimal setup. This allows teams across product, marketing, customer relations, etc. to hyper segment their campaign approach to reach the relevant customers with tailored communications. parcelLab’s platform will continue to provide real time insights and reporting that allow retailers to reach their customers, all within their distinctive and unique brand voice.

Our Retain product suite empowers retailers with tailored experiences, reducing operational costs while delighting customers, shaping the future of post-purchase interactions.