One of the most impactful technological advances of this era is without a doubt the rise of automation and artificial intelligence – these tools have irreversibly changed the way we interact with brands and vendors across all aspects of our lives. From a business perspective, manufacturing and packaging companies are now able to take efficiency to new levels thanks to robotics and machine learning. Naturally, retailers, too, are intrigued by the potential to rely more on machines, optimise resources and boost profits. But, for customer-facing organisations, does an increased adoption of automation come at a price? Brands looking to do more with less risk alienating customers who still value the human touch.

Retailers should ask themselves whether their customers would be willing to buy from highly automated companies and give up on all human interaction for the sake of receiving better service? Our research showed some surprising results in terms of how consumers in Britain feel about dealing with artificial intelligence when shopping.

There is no doubt that, this year, the pressure is on for retailers to turn around the discouraging results of the previous one and kick off the roaring twenties on a positive note. Keeping up with volatile consumer trends, while running a sustainable and profitable business, might seem near to impossible. However, brands can overcome these challenges by maintaining a customer-centric, insights-based approach powered by modern eCommerce technology.

Automation fascination?

December 2019