The Future of Customer Engagement Technology: How AI, Payments and more Will Enhance Customer Relationships

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Marina Canto

Product Director

Frederico Nicolay

 Senior Manager

Maria Costa

Managing Director, Givex Latin America, Givex

Daniel Zanco

Board Member, Consultant and Speaker, Omnibiz Consultoria

In this session hosted by Givex, industry leaders delved into the exciting landscape of customer engagement technology, exploring how innovations in AI, payments, and more are shaping the future of retail. With an impressive lineup including Marina Canto from Vivara, Maria Costa from Givex Latin America, Frederico Nicolay from iFood, and Daniel Zanco from Omnibiz Consultoria, the stage was set for an insightful discussion.

Daniel Zanco emphasized the pivotal role of customer engagement in driving business success, highlighting the shift from transactional interactions to emotional connections with consumers. "Customer engagement is about creating emotional connections with consumers," Daniel remarked, stressing the importance of adapting to evolving consumer habits and preferences. Amidst the rapid transformation fueled by AI, IoT, and big data, businesses face the challenge of leveraging technology to enhance customer relationships.

In her presentation, Marina Canto shared Vivara's journey in embracing technology to augment customer interactions. Vivara, Brazil's leading jewelry brand, embarked on an omni-channel approach to bridge the gap between traditional face-to-face sales and digital channels. Through strategic initiatives such as personalized video content and AI-driven recommendations, Vivara witnessed a significant uplift in online sales and customer engagement.

"We saw a huge difference with this project," Marina noted, citing impressive metrics that underscored the success of their omni-channel strategy. From leveraging AI for predictive analytics to implementing innovative solutions like gift cards, Vivara showcased how technology can revolutionize customer engagement in the retail sector.

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Maria Costa from Givex Latin America emphasized the symbiotic relationship between AI and the Metaverse, underscoring the importance of keeping customer loyalty at the forefront of technological advancements. By harnessing AI-powered tools, Givex aims to empower businesses with solutions that enhance both employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

"Our focus is on operational productivity, creative platforms, new product innovation, and brand awareness," Maria elaborated, outlining Givex's strategic approach to customer engagement. From leveraging AI for fraud detection to introducing interactive features like TV assistance, Givex is at the forefront of driving innovation in the retail landscape.

Frederico Nicolay from iFood shed light on the pivotal role of payments in enhancing customer experiences. With over 16 million orders per month, iFood's engagement strategies revolve around leveraging gift cards, loyalty programs, and performance bonuses to foster stronger connections with customers and restaurants alike.

"Payments play a special role in our environment," Frederico emphasized, highlighting iFood's commitment to reliability, speed, and optimization in transactional processes. Through AI-driven initiatives such as personalized recommendations and voice assistance, iFood aims to elevate the dining experience for its customers while optimizing operations for its partners.

In conclusion, the session provided invaluable insights into the transformative potential of AI, payments, and emerging technologies in redefining customer relationships. With collaboration and innovation at the forefront, businesses are poised to unlock new possibilities and create meaningful experiences for customers in the digital age.

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