The Journey So Far - Empowering Team Member Mobility: Solving Printer Challenges and Using AI to Deliver Superior Customer Experiences

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Glenn Allison

VP, Customer Facing Applications Development, Tractor Supply Company

Shash Anand

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

In this exciting session, Glenn Allison, the Vice President of Customer Facing Applications Development at Tractor Supply Company, provided insights into the company's utilization of SOTI's Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to manage business-critical mobile devices, emphasizing the importance of mobility in their operations. Tractor Supply Company recognized the need for similar mobility and performance standards for printers, acknowledging their impact on customer experience and business growth. The time-consuming process of printer enrollment, installation, and management resulted in unnecessary downtime, prompting the company to address the issues stemming from the lack of end-to-end printer management.

The conversation pivoted to the challenges faced by Tractor Supply Company prior to adopting SOTI's solutions. Glenn recounted the inefficiencies in managing devices and printers, highlighting the significant strides made post-implementation. Glenn discussed how downtime adversely affects business operations and highlighted SOTI's enterprise-grade printer management solution as instrumental in maximizing printer uptime and return on investment (ROI). With SOTI's printer management solution, Tractor Supply Company gained unparalleled visibility and control over its printer fleet, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, he provided a glimpse into Tractor Supply Company's use of AI and automation to deliver superior customer experiences and enable team members to engage with customers effectively, positioning them as a preferred retailer.

Tractor Supply Company, known as the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States, operates over 2200 Tractor Supply stores and 200 PetSense by Tractor Supply stores, primarily catering to customers in rural communities. With a focus on serving a lifestyle termed "life out here," the company offers a diverse range of products, including clothing, tools, feed, pet supplies, and more, tailored to support customers' rural lifestyles.

The company's strategic initiatives aim to integrate physical and digital channels to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether through the consumer mobile app, website, or in-store visits. Examples include features like in-store mode within the mobile app, allowing customers to place orders for curbside pickup or propane refills seamlessly. Tractor Supply Company has also invested in store team member technology, including Honeywell CT40 devices managed by Sony software, enabling mobile point-of-sale transactions and enhancing customer service capabilities.

Moreover, Tractor Supply Company is committed to being an integral part of customers' lives by delivering legendary customer experiences, investing in digital capabilities, leveraging AI for efficiency and support, and prioritizing team member satisfaction. The company's adoption of AI extends to inventory planning, customer service, and product information access, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Overall, Tractor Supply Company's partnership with SOTI and strategic initiatives in leveraging technology, particularly AI and automation, underscore its commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and positioning itself as a retailer of choice in rural communities.

Shash Anand, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at SOTI Inc., outlined the capabilities and future direction of the company's solutions. He began by introducing SOTI as a leading provider of software solutions for managing mobility in enterprises. SOTI offers an integrated suite of products designed to diagnose, troubleshoot, and set up various mobile devices across different platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, SOTI's platform extends to managing printers and facilitating the development of mobile applications through a no-code tool.

Shash highlighted SOTI's extensive experience in the mobility management space, with a history dating back to 1995. The company boasts a global workforce of over 1800 employees and manages millions of devices worldwide, supported by a vast ecosystem of over 4000 partners, including mobile device manufacturers like Honeywell.

He proceeded to illustrate how SOTI addresses real-world challenges faced by its clients, such as food delivery company Delivery Hero, sporting equipment retailer Scar, and grocery chain Toolis. SOTI's solutions have streamlined processes, reduced operational inefficiencies, and enhanced the overall management of mobile devices for these organizations.

Transitioning to SOTI's future roadmap, Shash outlined several upcoming enhancements aimed at providing advanced diagnostics and predictive capabilities. These include features like DX Site, which enables real-time troubleshooting and automatically integrates diagnostic data into ticketing systems. Collaborative tools allow users to annotate screens, facilitating communication between support personnel and end-users.

Shash also introduced predictive analytics for battery management, leveraging AI algorithms to anticipate battery health and performance issues. This proactive approach helps minimize downtime and optimize device uptime, particularly critical for industries reliant on continuous device operation.

Moreover, SOTI's Live View feature provides a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring and managing various business applications and devices in real-time. This centralized view enables proactive problem-solving and data-driven decision-making across the organization.

In conclusion, Shash emphasized SOTI's holistic approach to mobile and IoT lifecycle management, encompassing device provisioning, diagnostics, asset tracking, data collection, and security. The company's solutions cater to a wide range of devices and applications, ensuring operational efficiency, security, and compliance.

MAR 2024