Navigating the Data-Driven Ascent: How Floor & Décor is Scaling New Heights in Retail Success

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Jared Brown

Senior Director of Information Technology & PMO, Floor & Décor

Brian Clusster

Director Industry Marketing- CPG & Retail, Stibo Systems

In a riveting fireside chat, Jared Brown, the Senior Director of Information Technology & PMO at Floor & Decor, along with Brian Clusster, Director Industry Marketing- CPG & Retail at Stibo Systems, delved into the transformative journey of Floor & Decor in conquering retail challenges through data management. Brown and Clusster touched upon the profound impact of effective data utilization on customer experience, profitability, and sustainability within the retail sector.

Floor & Decor, a hard surface flooring company, has emerged as an industry leader since its inception in 2000, with a current footprint of 220 stores and ambitious plans to expand to 500 stores. Jared proudly shared their commitment to customer-centricity, a vision that propelled their strategic embrace of data management solutions like Stibo Systems.

Reflecting on the challenges faced and conquered, Jared emphasized the pivotal role of leadership alignment and organizational buy-in in driving successful data initiatives. "You have to have the company and the leadership aligned to the vision that you're trying to accomplish, understand the problems that you're trying to resolve with the solution," Jared remarked, underscoring the necessity of a cohesive strategy from the outset.

The journey wasn't without its hurdles, with Jared recounting the initial state of data disarray upon his arrival at Floor & Decor in 2016. That's when the company recognized the need for a master data management system. "One of the challenges was we had data strewn throughout the entire company. It was working what we wanted to consolidate it, create a source of truth and then put some governance around it," he disclosed, painting a vivid picture of the complexity they navigated. This initiative aimed to enhance data quality and customer experiences by providing informed purchasing decisions.

A key highlight of Floor & Decor's data mastery was their streamlined product onboarding process, a feat that accelerated speed to market by 60-65%, with aspirations for further improvement. "We leverage Stibo, so that we have our factory data in the system. We have our vendors in the system as well. So they're actually adding data in the system that our merchants can then collaborate on with the vendor," Jared elaborated, unveiling the seamless integration of technology and teamwork and also underscoring the system's ability to pinpoint inefficiencies and drive process improvements.

Jared's narrative was not solely focused on operational enhancements but also on empowering employees. He elucidated how Stibo Systems' task-based visibility facilitated efficient task execution and fostered meaningful conversations around data relationships, enhancing operational efficacy.

Jared also talked about other the broader business benefits, including enhanced customer experiences and readiness for market shifts. "Now we're at a point that we've implemented to streamline our process. Now when we're trying to adapt to changing customer," Brown articulated, revealing how data proficiency underpins adaptability in a rapidly evolving market.

The conversation pivoted towards sustainability, with Jared shedding light on how Floor & Decor leveraged data to boost transparency and material traceability, aligning with evolving customer preferences. "Our clients group actually is so that we know the level we have visibility to the vendor or factory straight out to our customers," Brown shared, emphasizing the integral role of data in fostering eco-conscious practices.

In wrapping up, Jared left the audience with invaluable takeaways, urging leaders to trust their core competencies, challenge conventions, and champion data-driven decision-making. "If you are an industry leader, trust the core competencies and then challenge yourself," Jared advised, encapsulating the essence of Floor & Decor's data-driven ascent.

As the discussion nears its conclusion, Brian emphasizes the critical role of data quality in empowering customers to make informed decisions. The session wraps up with key takeaways, including the importance of leveraging data to drive operational excellence and the ongoing commitment to prioritize customer needs through effective data management.

FEB 2024