IoT in retail and connected technologies are taking the retail industry by storm— more and more retail businesses adopt IoT technology to improve their products and services. Smart devices and IoT in retail help retailers enhance the customer experience and drive more conversions, altering the day-to-day store operations. Energy management, theft prevention, in-store navigation, effective store premise monitoring, inventory management, supply chain management, customer behavior observation and customer engagement are few of the advantages of utilizing IoT in retail industry.

While retailers invest in IoT-enabled capabilities and IoT in retail becomes more commonplace, the number and variety of omnichannel and other touchpoint interactions will increase substantially. A platform such as ELERA Commerce Platform helps retailers to dabble, experiment and determine which IoT devices and applications are going to provide the most benefits for their business, and their customers.

Through the ELERA Commerce Platform, Toshiba or 3rd party IoTs and touchpoints attach to the platform through a rich API layer and connect data across systems, platforms, and devices, enabling organizations to process, access, and act on information in real time to provide better customer service. Engaging customers in this way, retailers ensure that shoppers have all the relevant information they need to have a frictionless journey.

ELERA also helps retailers get better insights into shoppers in stores. Stores can connect ELERA to Internet of Things sensors and computer-vision cameras to collect data and implement technologies such as motion-tracking systems to determine the store setup that will drive the most sales.

Enabling IoT in Retail