In 2024, controlling inventory across the entire store sits squarely on the priority list for every major food operator. The majority of grocers are continuing to invest in Fresh prepared items, aiming to boost store visits, customer loyalty, and profits. With increased emphasis on production, both in-store and commissaries, the demand for Fresh ingredients is escalating. Utilizing AI for forecasting Fresh item demand enables retailers to optimize gains, without swelling inventory costs and increasing waste. Moreover, AI-driven forecasting and ordering capabilities alleviate the burden of manual calculations, or “kitchen math” as we call it, for employees, particularly in departments like the Deli. The payoff is evident; within a year, one of Upshop's largest customers experienced a remarkable 25x return on investment solely through AI-powered ingredient forecasting and ordering in their Deli section.

Mark Hawthorne

Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

Imagine being able to cut through the noise, correlate events, substantially reduce the number of generated incidents and resolve the root cause of an outage, for example. It’s possible with Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps), which combines Big Data, AI, and ML capabilities to help detect, diagnose, and act across the IT environment. It can help streamline IT operations, improve device management, and enhance end-user experience – all of which are key focal points in the retail environment. With AIOps, retailers are able to leverage advanced analytics and AI to bring together data from infrastructure devices, endpoint telemetry, IT tools and service metrics with robust governance to generate actionable insights, improvements, and automations to enhance their IT services.

Mike Flanagan

Chief Information Officer


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