AI and Location Intelligence

The Next Level of Retail Operations: AI and Location Data in Action

Location data and AI technology in retail, whether it is within stores or warehouses, is crucial in enhancing customer experiences and also increases efficiency in operations, sales and marketing.

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) can personalize the customer shopping experience within stores. Valuable location data about customer movements, time spent in certain areas within stores can help retailers cater to customer needs better. Store apps can suggest products based on a customer’s location; frequency of store aisle visits and other related customer location data. Retailers can also position product in stores, in the most favorable positions based of customer buying tendencies. Popular products can be located in the most convenient locations, along with other products that customers may tend to purchase with these popular products. Knowing what the busiest times are within a store can also help with staffing needs. Pricing decisions, ordering the right amount of stock and predicting the demand for certain products can all be positively impacted with AI and IPS.

The other areas that retailers could leverage AI to improve customer engagement would be to provide more personalized customer support by tracking customer moods. Operational efficiency can be increased with automated checkouts for certain stores and also by increasing employee satisfaction by providing them with AI assisted tools to perform their jobs to the highest standards.

In addition to stores, warehouses benefit from accurate location data, pick walk sequences based on order and product profiles. Location data can increase picking and shipping efficiencies and hence lead to quicker delivery times to keep customers satisfied.

 Smitha Raphael

Chief Product & Delivery Officer
Synergy Logistics