In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, the ability to forge deep emotional connections with consumers is a cornerstone of sustained brand loyalty. Retailers wield a potent asset in this pursuit: their unparalleled access to customer data. Leveraging advances in generative AI and machine learning, retailers can now segment customer data with unprecedented precision, curating offers, content, and messaging to individual preferences and optimizing millions of message variants in real-time. What's more, personalization strategies once confined to owned media environments can now be activated through paid media channels, enabling retailers to combine data-driven messaging with high-quality ad placements and more impactful creative channels like CTV, DOOH and even streaming audio.  Keeping the consumer's needs and preferences at the forefront of advertising strategy ensures that ads provide value and retailers who embrace this data-driven approach to personalization will continue to reap the benefit in the form of increased performance at every stage of the purchase funnel.

Ben Flaccus

Managing Director - Retail & CPG Commerce Undertone


Empowering Retail Workers