Groundbreaking innovations in retail have tremendous potential in bringing retailers and customers closer. The integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies enables virtual product trials and personalized shopping experiences. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) drive personalized marketing, advanced recommendations, and predictive analytics, anticipating customer preferences. Mobile payment systems revolutionize retail by facilitating seamless transactions and eliminating barriers. These innovations integrate technology and commerce, enabling retailers to establish deeper connections with customers.

Chad Kramlich

CEO, Open Sky Group

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the shift from bricks and mortar to e-commerce retail, leading to significant innovation in logistics and distribution facility automation. Microfulfillment companies such as Davinci Micro and STORD are assisting retailers in optimizing inventories through regional and localized warehousing. Their technologies enable retailers to keep the right products closer to customers, reducing excess inventories, freight costs, and delivery times. Facility automation and robotics address labor shortages and enable faster order fulfillment with less space. As integrators and installers of these technologies, we at NPSG are continuously amazed by the innovation displayed by these companies.

Tad Selby

CEO, NPSG Global

I am most excited about the potential of SMS marketing and influencer marketing to help retailers connect with their customers across every channel. SMS marketing is a personal and engaging way to reach customers, and influencer marketing can help to build a sense of community around a brand. The modern age platforms help brands to make the most of these two channels. They allow brands and influencers to collaborate on SMS marketing campaigns whilst also providing brands with analytics data so they can track the performance of their campaigns and see which influencers are most effective

Ryan Mulcock

Co-Founder and CEO, CreatorCart

Accelerating Innovation in Retail

Accelerating Innovation in Retail