Reinventing the In-Store Experience

The decision to offer a "traditional" in-store shopping experience is a balance between technology and human connection. Frictionless approaches enabled by innovations like computer vision, A.I., and edge computing, including self-service, mobile payments, biometrics, and one-click ordering and support, maintain efficiency by streamlining operations that eliminate manual processes and speed up transaction times. These innovative solutions can be beneficial both to enable associates to support other customer service needs and when labor shortages occur. Furthermore, with shopper satisfaction at the forefront, retailers can encourage repeat business. Frictionless-enabled technologies also enhance loyalty and promotions through improved data collection and personalizing recommendations based on past purchases and preferences, promoting shopper satisfaction and repeat business. Even with all the technology, no one can argue with the impact of a friendly smile in greeting a customer. There will always be a place for that!

Rance Poehler

President and CEO, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions