AI-Driven Success: Electrolux's Strategy for Enhanced Customer Experience

Electrolux is a great example of a retailer using first-party data and a CDP to boost sales and customer engagement in innovative ways. They began by identifying and grouping customers based on their product interests. Then, they used AI to match these interests with products that had price reductions. When prices dropped, an API call notified their CDP, which then sent targeted emails to interested customers.

Unlike traditional one-time email blasts, this method involved an always-on campaign that ran continuously with minimal intervention. The initial setup required IT support, but after that, the marketing team managed the process on their own.

This price drop strategy significantly paid off, generating five-figures in e-commerce revenue within the first 30 days. Additionally, web engagement and e-commerce conversion rates saw a marked improvement, with an 80% increase in e-commerce rates and a 20% decrease in e-commerce bounce rates. A big part of this success was the enhanced customer experience from matching products with customers' historical interests.

Nicky Peterse

Manager, Strategic Customer Success, BlueConic