Say Goodbye to Label Scraping: Embrace Reusable Label Holders

Dr. Shirl Handly, President, FILMLOC

Removing stubborn labels from reusable containers and warehouse shelves is a job that frustrates and leads many employees to claim that they were still scraping labels in their sleep! New labels plastered on top of old labels that have not been completely removed often results in the wrong label being read. This can lead to mis-shipments, fulfillment issues, inventory errors and ultimately, unhappy customers.

The residue and partial labels left behind from attempted scraping/cleaning may seem like a small thing but small costs add up. The sticky label mess left on your reusable totes, containers and warehouse shelving can adversely affect your scanning, delivery, inventory management, order fulfillment and cost you $$$. And it just looks bad and dirty.

Label holders, especially in the food handling/grocery industry, need to stand up to extensive cleaning and sanitizing between shipments without any surface or adhesive change even when repeatedly put through a Tote Washer.

A major supermarket chain in the Midwest with over 250 locations solved their labeling and label scraping woes by using INTELLI-PLAC® X2 Reusable Label Holders not only on their entire fleet of distribution center to store containers but also on their insulated customer delivery totes. INTELLI-PLAC’s patented, silicone-free embossed surface works well to prevent industrial grade labels from falling off or slipping during storage or shipping. In the end, not only did they save money on labor required to scrape off labels prior to reuse of the totes/containers but also because the label holders could be reused so many times. Tested by over 500 runs through a Hobart Tote Washer, the label holders still performed like they did the day they were first put on the totes.

An added bonus of INTELLI-PLAC® label holders is that they are sustainable. Unlike other label holders, INTELLI-PLAC® contains no silicone or other chemical coating. So when your HDPE or PP containers/totes have seen their last day, the label holder can be recycled right on the tote.