Optimizing Retail Workforces for Operational Excellence

If there is one constant in retail–it’s that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Despite daily headlines, retailers have long battled high turnover, fluctuating demand and the need for a more versatile workforce.

The challenge, however, is creating a workforce environment that’s more responsive and "on-demand.” It’s about getting closer to that one moment of truth: when a customer is standing at the shelf. It’s about leveraging the right tools–ensuring that the right product is in the right place at the right time.

With better access to technology than ever before, it’s becoming easier for retailers to improve overall on-shelf availability. Combining new tools with a growing gig workforce seeking flexibility and control, retailers now have the means to optimize execution at that critical moment. But how? It requires retailers to operate smarter by optimizing their workforce at the execution level.

To attain this, retailers must have a clear understanding of their workforce needs. They need insight into the state of staffing and the ability to pivot—whether ramping up or down for seasonal needs or responding to demand. By integrating gig workers into the retail workforce–retailers can reduce costs, streamline staffing and improve responsiveness. This approach allows retailers to meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring shelves are stocked and service levels are maintained at all times.

In the end, it's about achieving operational excellence by aligning workforce management with the dynamic needs of the retail environment, ensuring competitiveness and responsiveness in an ever-changing market.

David Dempsey

Chief Executive Officer