AI-Driven Personalization: Insights from Levi’s Brazil’s Success Story

Sara Richter, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP Emarsys

Over the past six months, there’s been a notable shift towards AI-driven personalization from retailers who are striving to meet customers’ expectations and foster loyalty amid dynamic economic conditions. Our recent research shows that the majority of marketers (88%) view AI as essential to boosting customer engagement.

Marketers who are responsibly deploying AI are already experiencing impactful benefits, including increases in customer engagement (78%) and customer loyalty (75%). Take Levi’s Brazil for example. Levi’s Brazil partnered with SAP Emarsys and Driven.CX to gain deeper insights into customer preferences and behavior, with a goal of incorporating automation strategies to boost sales.

Prior to the partnership, Levi’s Brazil was limited with generic customer emails that lacked personalization. Levi’s Brazil also wasn’t gathering first-party data from customers to better understand their online activity and shopping habits. 

Now, Levi’s Brazil has created an omnichannel strategy that is already seeing incredible results, with automations from SAP Emarsys contributing to more than 30% of online sales in just the first six months. By integrating Welcome, Abandoned Browse, Abandoned Cart, Back In Stock and Price Drop automations, Levi’s Brazil is catering to customers more effectively and reclaiming sales opportunities that otherwise may have been missed.

In the next six months, AI adoption will only continue to grow for marketing teams, as nearly three-fourths of marketers (72%) are already increasing their AI investments to continue driving customer engagement.