Safeguarding Retail Environments: Innovations in Loss Prevention

At Gatekeeper Systems, we recognize that to be truly successful, loss prevention solutions designed to address the theft aspects of retail shrinkage must first view the retail environment through the lens of employee and customer safety. Our Purchek® technology is at the forefront of this approach.

The Purchek® Solution effectively prevents pushout theft by disabling shopping carts of unpaid merchandise, preventing them from exiting the store. Our system targets the movement of the carts rather than the individuals pushing them, offering a subtle yet potent theft deterrent. Integrated directly into the carts, these security measures are inconspicuous to customers, who can continue their checkout processes normally, thus preserving the natural shopping experience without the overt sense of being monitored. Additionally, they enhance safety for both store associates and customers. When activated, this technology locks the wheels of a cart containing unpurchased items and triggers an alarm to alert store staff. This allows employees to evaluate the situation and respond appropriately, ensuring safety for all while securing the merchandise within the store.

Robert Harling

President & CEO, Gatekeeper Systems