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How Similarweb insights led to a 41% increase in online sales for Bricomarché

Bricomarché, Tools & Home Improvement Retailer

During the pandemic, the rise of handiwork and DIY brought opportunities and challenges for Bricomarché, a leading member of Les Mousquetaires group, offering decorating, DIY, materials, gardening, and pet products. Despite the market's overall growth, Bricomarché experienced a slowdown in 2022. To distinguish between individual and industry-wide trends, Bricomarché sought a real-time benchmarking solution for strategic decision-making. Similarweb empowered Bricomarché's marketing teams to optimize strategies, maximize ROI, and overcome GDPR challenges.

How CC Wellness doubled Amazon return on ad spend with Similarweb 

CC Wellness, Vitamins Brand

Before, we were sailing in the fog. Similarweb has become our headlight. Bricomarché increased its market share thanks to decisions based on Similarweb data. Decisions now rely on 360° data, empowering agile decision-making with real-time availability.” 

What’s unique about Similarweb Shopper Intelligence is the sheer amount of data it provides, and how we can easily move from a brand level down to the product level in case we want to dig a little deeper. The flow through of all the features is pretty seamless in comparison to other tools in the market.

- Hubert Brillaud

Web Marketing Manager, Les Mousquetaires.

- Jason Molina

General Manager, Ecommerce & Marketplaces.

Despite its success, the brand saw a low return on Amazon ad spend (ROAS). The ecommerce team hypothesized their current target audience was limiting their ROI and tested their theory using Similarweb’s demographics insights. The team evaluated #LubeLife shoppers' education level, household income, and employment status and benchmarked it against the category. Surprisingly, they discovered that although its price point was lower than competitors, high-income consumers make up a larger share of its shoppers than premium competitive brands. Based on these insights, CC Wellness shifted some of its paid marketing efforts towards this new demographic. As a result, it increased overall sales across all its SKUs and doubled the brands' ROAS.

Real-time traffic data allowed them to assess market variations, while conversion metrics provided insights into online market share. By implementing conversion rate optimization (CRO measures), Bricomarché enhanced its omnichannel strategy and brand awareness. Thanks to Similarweb data on traffic sources, they implemented new tactics like the creation of optimized landing pages, and closely monitored the ROI of SEO campaigns to enhance their omnichannel strategy and brand awareness. With better organic search traffic, Bricomarché acquired new clients, resulting in a 41% boost in online sales and an 18% increase in average basket size.

How Interflora increased 4% revenue in two key markets with Similarweb

Interflora, Flower delivery network (58K affiliated flower shops)

In a constantly changing and dynamic marketplace, Interflora, a flower delivery network, had no visibility into competitors’ strategies, especially during COVID when flower sales dramatically increased. With Similarweb, Interflora was able to directly compare itself against its competitors, monitor traffic patterns, and analyze conversion data in different countries. They optimized its marketing mix in target countries accordingly, developed new products to address market demands, and improved the customer journey.

How Toolstation is winning product category share and increasing sales with Similarweb

Toolstation, Tools & Home Improvement retailer

We were blind in terms of analyzing demand in our market. Each of our target geos (France, Spain and Italy) reacts differently to new consumer preferences. With Similarweb, we can track what's happening in real time and adapt accordingly.

“Going into Q4, the typically darker winter months, Lighting is one of our key categories. It’s imperative to maintain and increase traffic and market share during this time. With Similarweb’s category level data we benchmark our wins and weaknesses vs. our competitors, and make adjustments to our marketing strategy accordingly, particularly on Paid Search.

- Guillaume Humbert-Labeaumaz

Director, Group Ecommerce

- Jason Molina

General Manager, Ecommerce & Marketplaces.

Benchmarking only using Google analytics meant that Toolstation, one of Britain's fastest growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies, had limited visibility into category performance. The company missed out on seeing how individual product categories performed against competitors, especially when sales in the Lighting category were declining slowly but steadily.

With the Similarweb product category reports, Toolstation pinpointed where they were struggling and losing traffic share and adapted its paid search budget. They increased focus on a dozen top performing keywords and skus. Within a month, traffic returned and sales increased, up 15.7% week over week and 9.1% year over year.

In one region, Interflora discovered that a competitor successfully captured the under 40 market with lower cost plants rather than flowers. They then developed their own line of inexpensive plants and targeted the younger demographic. This now accounts for 2-4% of total revenue in Spain and Italy with the potential for growth.

How Biocodex increased its Amazon market share by 40% with Similarweb

Biocodex, Pharma brands

Biocodex, an international pharmaceutical company selling probiotic products, struggled to make budgetary decisions and grow its ecommerce channel without visibility into its Amazon market share and competitor performance. Biocodex turned to Similarweb to help them. With an accurate measure of their market share on Amazon, brick-and-mortar numbers, and insight into their competitors, Biocodex finally had a holistic view of their US performance relative to the market.

“Similarweb Shopper Intelligence enabled us to prove that over-investing with a high cost of acquisition is a viable growth strategy for us. We see a pretty clear upward trend line after we increased the rate of spend justified by the data we saw on the platform.”

- Daniel Zampini

Senior Ecommerce Manager

They learned that while its sales were growing, its market share was flat – they were retaining existing customers but weren't spending enough to reach new ones. With Similarweb, the team saw the long-term benefits of spending beyond their usual marketing spend. As a result, it secured an additional budget that facilitated a 38% increase in market share in just seven months by targeting new customers.


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