Revolutionizing Retail Security with Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® Pushout Theft Prevention Solution

By Craig Greenberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Gatekeeper Systems

The retail industry faces a persistent and evolving challenge: pushout theft. This sophisticated form of theft, where shoplifters exploit the openness of modern retail environments to execute bold, high-value thefts using shopping carts, significantly contributes to the alarming annual toll of retail "shrink." Such criminal behavior also undermines the sense of safety, convenience, and enjoyment that customers expect from their shopping experiences.

Although effective, at reducing theft, traditional security measures, such as locking up goods behind glass, or heavy surveillance, can inadvertently signal distrust and significantly impact convenience, turning the shopping experience into an unwelcome ordeal and having an undesired direct impact on sales. Retailers are seeking less intrusive options and increasingly looking for technology-based solutions that are both discrete and impactful, striking the balance between the shopper’s experience and theft prevention.

Safety of employees and customers is the number one priority for our retail partners. The confrontation-free approach of our Purchek® solution is effective at preventing and deterring theft, while reducing the opportunity of violence.

- Craig Greenberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Gatekeeper Systems

Maintaining a Frictionless Shopping Environment

Blind Justice: A Fair and Unbiased Approach to Loss Prevention

Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® technology is designed to detect, deter, and prevent theft non-confrontationally. It employs advanced technology to monitor shopping carts, not the shoppers themselves, identifying potential theft through a series of sensors and cart behavior analytics. When a shopping cart with unpaid merchandise attempts to exit the store, the system activates a locking mechanism on the cart, immobilizing it within the store premises. An alarm is then activated, and video footage of the incident is captured. In most cases, the response catches the bad actor off guard, causing them to leave the full cart behind. 

This approach not only prevents theft but does so without requiring direct employee intervention, thereby reducing the risk of confrontations and violence.

The company’s success, underscored by its robust patent portfolio and global deployment across over 50 countries, signals a transformative shift in retail loss prevention. As theft strategies grow more sophisticated, the need for equally advanced, non-intrusive security solutions becomes paramount.

Gatekeeper Systems' Purchek® technology seamlessly integrates into existing retail systems and processes, enhancing efficiency without disrupting established operational flows. This innovative solution is compatible with a wide range of shopping carts and store layouts, making it a versatile tool for various retail environments.

The effectiveness of the Purchek® technology in real-world scenarios is best illustrated through success stories and case studies. For instance, a major supermarket chain implemented Purchek® technology across its stores and witnessed a dramatic reduction in pushout theft incidents. Within the first few months of deployment, a high-theft store reported an 80% decrease in losses attributed to cart-based shoplifting.

In addressing the critical issues of bias and profiling within retail security, Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® technology solution stands out for its commitment to blind justice. By focusing exclusively on the movement of the shopping cart without attaching bias towards the individual or the contents of the cart, the Purchek® technology provides a revolutionary solution to eliminate any opportunity for profiling in retail security practices.

Enhancing Employee Safety

Pioneering a New Era in Retail Security

When talking about retail theft, a critical aspect often remains overshadowed – the safety of retail employees. Confrontations with shoplifters are increasingly violent, placing employees in harm’s way daily. A study published by the National Retail Federation revealed that 67% of respondents experienced an increase in violence from theft suspects over the past two years.

Most retailers have non-confrontation policies in place with the underlining objective being to protect their employees. Experienced thieves know about these restrictions and often take advantage, walking out with carts of goods with nothing stopping them. The Purchek® technology allows employees to maintain a safe distance from thieves so they can properly assess the situation in accordance with their store’s policy.

Gatekeeper Systems' Purchek® technology ushers in a new era of retail security, effectively combating theft while prioritizing the shopping experience, fairness, and employee safety.

With a proven track record of success and a commitment to continuous innovation, Gatekeeper Systems stands at the forefront of retail loss prevention, redefining industry standards and setting new benchmarks for security, inclusivity, and customer satisfaction.

MAY 2024