The Path to Secure Retail

Achieving secure retail is a journey, not a sprint — and the path to safe shopping and minimal theft requires retailers to confront a variety of challenges. The good news is that these challenges can be overcome by deploying a variety of technologies, tactics, and resources.

Retailers can use this illustration to explore some of the possible solutions that can contribute to better loss prevention outcomes in your stores as you redefine your loss prevention program for our new world of retail. In it, you'll see:

  • Solutions for deterring theft and organized retail crime
  • Technologies you can use to create a sense of safety for shoppers
  • Ways to prevent theft (intentional and otherwise) at self-checkouts
  • And more!

Take a deeper dive into loss prevention with Sensormatic's latest white paper, Secure Retail in the New World, and get global, real-world insights you can use to improve your loss prevention program today.

MAY 2024