The TiTok Ban.?

If TikTok is banned, retail and Ecommerce marketers will see increased demand and even higher prices on their old friend, Meta. Many DTC brands are testing Connected TV and OTT advertising at a higher rate than ever before, and we're already seeing creators diversify their audiences in preparation of a potential ban. Somewhat surprisingly, Snap's aggressive courting and compensation of these creators has led to an increase of content on that channel instead of where we thought these creators would eventually end up anyway: Instagram.

From our point of view, marketing leaders shouldn't worry too much about a ban- I think a forced sale of the US platform is more likely. But even if it is banned, the savviest marketing leaders will adapt and identify new opportunities to engage their respective audiences. The only brands and marketing leaders that should be worried, in my opinion, are those that are both underfunded and living hand-to-mouth on TikTok traffic alone (like many pop up DTC brands these days).

Tyler Sickmeyer

CEO, Fidelitas

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