HQ: Santa Ana, CA

In Conversation with David W. Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Fabcon

Fabcon is Southern California’s premier precision sheet metal fabricator and contract manufacturer servicing a world-wide customer base that serves retail, commercial and industrial applications. For over 40 years, we have been providing engineering design solutions and complete turn-key manufactured products to a diverse list of customers. The company is now a “One Stop” resource with a vertically-integrated 120,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes engineering design services, precision sheet metal, machining, electronic assembly, powder coat, paint, silk screen, final assembly & test.

We are experts in working with a wide variety of materials including aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We extend our expertise in precision metal fabrication and contract manufacturing into the quality of our Fabcon Systems and Fabcon Creative division products. We offer extended value to fabricated products including electromechanical assembly, turn-key systems and complete supply chain integration.

In striving to offer our diverse customer base the best “Made in America” contract manufacturing value, Fabcon has invested in state-of-the-art 4,000 watt fibre laser, a robotic loading brake machine and robotic stud welder and robotic aluminium welding system. In addition, Fabcon has automated handling equipment for the majority of its turret and laser machine tools. Fabcon’s commitment to efficient, low cost production processes and quality management system is critical to achieving the company’s strategic goals and customer service commitments. Fabcon consistently delivers the right combination of price, turn-around time, service and meticulous quality.

The “One Stop” for Kiosk Fabrication

Retail Kiosk Solutions

Fabcon manufactures many different kinds of kiosks from self-service payment terminals, wall mounted wayfinding solutions, outdoor parking kiosks, and much, much more. Fabcon offers diverse range of kiosks for the retail markets including QSR ordering kiosks, outdoor QSR drive through order posts and menu boards, ticketing kiosks, printing kiosks, information and wayfinding kiosks, price checker kiosks, end of aisle product information kiosks, sports stadium gaming kiosks and casino kiosks.

During the recent COVID pandemic, Fabcon has also manufactured hand sanitizing, temperature and mobile cart kiosks for schools, movie studios and retail outlets. In addition, Fabcon has recently deployed information kiosks that offer advertising platforms, analytical information and content management services.

The benefits of kiosks include efficient information transfer, product features and pricing, transactional security and customer throughput efficiency. There is often a labor cost savings associated with the installation of kiosks and a potential revenue sharing model for advertising.

The Right Partner for Kiosk Deployment

Fabcon’s clients include several of the nation’s largest QSR restaurant chains, hotels, college campuses, big box retailers, grocery and convenience stores as well as local retailers.

Recent exciting kiosk projects include a large national rollout of a custom ordering outdoor kiosk that housed a digital screen, payment device, customer communication sound system, customer presence sensor and loyalty program interaction for a QSR client. In addition, Fabcon designed a custom outdoor interactive college campus wayfinding kiosk that included map, building and course directories, a campus security warning feature for students and a cellular modem for up to date campus information news.

Fabcon has earned a stellar reputation for delivering quality products on time and a focus on customer service and support. Our customers confidently rely on Fabcon’s extensive capabilities to meet their demanding project scopes and delivery deadlines every day. The reason for our success is embodied in our quality philosophy – to exceed our customer's expectations.

Kiosk Trends: The Fabcon Take

Retail Kiosk Devices are increasing customer service by offering informational kiosks that tie into company product and inventory data bases. These outline product features, pricing, product benefits and inventory levels. They are also increasing the ease of retail transactions as well as product returns.

One of the leading future trends will be Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning kiosks as these products continue to get more advanced. These “self-learning” kiosks will provide the user with a much more customized and personal experience that is more intuitive, accurate, and secure – all problem points with the current state of non-AI kiosks. They also have the potential to “upsell” the customer and provide the retailer with an increased average sale ticket.

The COVID – 19 pandemic will continue to impact the retail environment. Touch applications will decrease (or feature anti-microbial screen applications) and voice activated AI applications will grow significantly. By implementing AI-based technologies, users will be able to interact directly with the kiosks via speech, gestures, and face recognition without having to rely on using touch screens. In addition, we see more and more developers implementing the use of cell phones and mobile apps as a way to communicate and interact with kiosks to provide a more secure way for transactions. Interaction with kiosks utilizing personal devices (cell phones) that scan product bar codes will also increase.

Other growing trends include kiosks that provide vending of products, locker drop-off of products, loyalty program benefits and unattended self-service QR code transactional payments from personal devices.

Kiosks will have split screens with more advertising sharing models to reduce the cost of ownership to retailers.

Depending on the privacy trends, kiosk cameras will provide audience demographic information to improve direct targeting marketing of products.