HQ: Durham, NC

Made to deliver the fast, easy experiences shoppers expect, Toshiba's Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk is a self-service touchpoint with a flexible, compact design that can help retailers reimagine their store's strategy and protect technology investments.

Shoppers today want choice, control, privacy, and convenience at checkout, but they still want to know an attendant is available nearby.

Space is at a premium, especially in stores that already have limited available floor space. Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk gives retailers the freedom to innovate and be creative about where transactional touchpoints could be, without the cost that comes with ripping and replacing the entire front-end. And thanks to a rotating base plate, the entire kiosk can attach to a counter and swivel so that it can immediately serve as either a cashier-attended lane or a self-service station as quickly as it's needed, eliminating the need for cashiers to use precious seconds during the checkout process to walk around the counter.

Built to Evolve with You

So with Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk, attendants can quickly assist shoppers without leaving their station. To switch user interaction, the cashier only needs to rotate the kiosk base 180 degrees clockwise. Once assistance is provided, the cashier can swivel the kiosk back in place so the shopper can complete the transaction. And because the base rotates, you only need one display, saving valuable retail space and delivering a convenient checkout experience for shoppers.

Made to seamlessly complement a retailer's current infrastructure, including cashier-attended and self-checkout lanes, the Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk gives retailers the ability to transform the entire store, while protecting existing technology investments.

Toshiba's Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk is modular, compact kiosk fits right into any existing store environment, including smaller store formats that might not have space for traditional self-service solutions, and provides more transaction points to help move lines quickly through dense and congested checkout areas. With the Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk, retailers can deliver the convenience and control that shoppers want, along with the flexibility and ease of use that associates need to manage checkout lines proactively.

To help retailers make the most of the physical space in their stores, we built the Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk to enable flexibility, with a low-profile design that doesn't compromise on performance. Retailers can create what works best for their stores' flow, labor availability, and shoppers' needs. Each Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk includes an all-in-one POS, high-speed printer, scanner, PIN pad, and optional transaction awareness light. And because retailers' needs can change from store to store, Toshiba provides retailers with the power to choose the peripherals and configurations that make the most sense for their operational needs

Designed for retailers, with retailers

Retailers should have more options in how they serve their customers, and shoppers are increasingly averse to standing in long lines. As self-service continues to be a valuable mainstay in the retail industry and retailers keep investing in digital capabilities to support shoppers’ expectations, creating durable systems to execute a seamless, express self-service journey is critical. That's why we worked directly with retailers, relying heavily on their feedback, when creating the Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk. By focusing on their shoppers' expectations, we designed it to allow retailers across segments, of any size, to invest in digital capabilities that deliver convenient self-service to their customers.

The Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk opens up new opportunities by delivering a convenient self-service experience to markets, segments, and unique retail environments whether they have self-service today or not. This compact kiosk is an ideal solution in the following settings: Convenience stores, Neighborhood grocers, Grab-and-go newsstands in malls and airports, Specialty and hospitality stores, Grocery food courts, Ticket sales and concession stands, Check-in at conventions, tradeshows and airports, Bridal and gift registries and more.