HQ: Seoul, Republic of Korea

In Conversation with Kim Ju Yeon, President & CEO


For nearly three decades, POINTMAN has been developing, manufacturing and selling various kinds of financial automation equipment; customer management device, Card Reader, Kiosk Printer, and ID card printers.

We strive to improve customer's convenience. As much as we’re manufacturing all with our own technologies, we can also make customized modules to meet client’s needs. From product design to production, our optimized production environment and systems allow us to swiftly respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

In Retail Kiosks, we are supplying a lot of card readers that can be used for payment of the Kiosk. And our card dispensers can dispense or read and write plastic cards so they are applied to many self-service kiosks and also makes payment at Kiosk.

For example, it can be installed to Kiosk of Hotel Quick Check-in/Out system, Parking system and so on. Our Kiosk card printers can print and encode the cards, so it can be applied to retail Kiosk to issue membership card, Gift card, and Visitor badges at retail shops.

The Hong Kong Casino company reformed the casino field by rolling out "loyalty Card Project," the system for managing loyalty Point. The Casino Company has integrated POINTMAN TP9200 plastic card printer with Kiosk, allowing casino customers easy and rapid access to a membership card and to loyalty cards. POINTMAN's double-sided color card printer automatically and instantly personalizes membership cards. It can also be used to produce promotional cards.

Customer loyalty programs have a variety of benefits for companies. They have become an expected part of the consumer experience. Retailers can take their kiosk projects or implementations to whole new level by integrating card printers. One could think of several benefits such as increase in revenue, save money, gather valuable data, make consumers feel appreciated and measure loyalty through engagement.

One of POINTMAN’s smart kiosk model was installed to Kiosks which issues SIM cards at Moscow metro stations. It can make payment and issue SIM cards to users at the same time. Previously users had to visit Mobile telecom company’s office to get SIM Card. But with this Kiosks users, including tourists, can get SIM Cards by themselves at any time at Metro station.

Struggling to get more customers, Korean Movie theatre companies have recently started to issue special movie tickets. Normal tickets are just a receipt paper with seat number, time with barcodes. But if user chooses to get special tickets with additional cost, the kiosk issues special customized tickets. On the tickets, not only seat number or name of booking is printed, but also special photo or movie’s theme is printed so that user can save the memory and it’s great souvenir itself. And user can modify the photo in advance at mobile app or from the Kiosk or website, so it’s pretty popular for movie fans.

Also POINTMAN is supplying a new special card solution now, Built-in scanner in card printer reads QR Code that is generated by bank’s mobile app, and then starts issuance of debit card based on the information of QR Code after verification with bank’s server. With this solution users don’t have to waste time making documents filling personal information and Banks can save time and cost also.