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In Conversation with Josef Schneider, CEO of Pyramid Computer GmbH

Pyramid Computer

It’s an exciting, innovative and transformational time in the self-service market. Kiosks are the future of retail. As the shoppers are gravitating towards convenience, efficiency, and small lines provided by self-service digital kiosks, the trend of using kiosks in customer services is changing consumer behavior.

Pyramid Computer, founded in 1985, is today the #1 manufacturer worldwide of self-ordering kiosks for restaurants – over 40.000 kiosks were shipped to the well-known global enterprises.

We provide self-service kiosk for retailers looking to optimize the in-store customer experience and help drive omni-channel sales. Highly customizable and easy to service, the slim, elegant and extremely modular Polytouch® kiosks offer maximum flexibility for numerous applications- from endless aisle/shelf and point of purchase to point of sale and self-checkout.

Last year we opened the North American operations that has allowed us to finally become a real local partner for our clients in the United States.

Pyramid´s outstanding technology and manufacturing has had a proven track record for many years within global QSR, Retail, and Hospitality brands. With our new North American operation, logistics, and partnerships, we are excited about positioning the company as a global market leader.

Award winning Polytouch® Branded Kiosks

Pyramid polytouch® is the ideal interactive self-service kiosk hardware platform for retailers looking to optimize the in-store customer experience and help drive Omni-channel sales opportunities. Highly customizable and easy to maintain, the slim, elegant and extremely modular polytouch® kiosk design offers maximum flexibility for enabling numerous application possibilities, from endless aisle/shelf and point of purchase to point of sale and self-checkout.

Quick service restaurants (QSRs), cinemas and airports are calling for kiosk systems which allow multiple customers to place their orders or check-in with greater convenience and speed. The polytouch® 32 PE4000 meets the growing demand for more powerful solutions, capable of addressing high and highest usage frequency applications, busting queues even during extreme peak times. All Pyramid polytouch® kiosks are manufactured under German quality control for shipment and installation via worldwide OEM and distribution partners. These can be branded to create a highly individual look for retailers.

Depending on the application, Pyramid polytouch® kiosks may be fitted with a broad range of peripherals including 2D or 3D scanners, thermal printers, and payment modules of various makes and models. For special applications that may involve AI technology, Pyramid can integrate peripherals such as cameras into the display frame to achieve the best results. In all cases, Pyramid works closely with all parties involved to determine the best hardware configuration, no matter the complexity of the application.

Touchscreen Kiosks with Gloves

As the world continues to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant operators are faced with the difficult task of taking the right measures to protect employees and guests by using restaurant technology. They have to provide the things guests say will make them feel safer and more ready to come back to dining in. So it has never been more important than today for kiosk operators to ensure touchscreens are cleaned regularly – but the cleaning takes time.

Everyone knows self-order kiosks reduce order inaccuracy, reduce queue and give customers the feeling they are not being rushed to place their order. If the kiosks are now additionally operated with gloves, there is no risk of contamination for each user/customer. Pyramid was quick to address the challenge and provide a kiosk that makes touchscreen operation with gloves possible.

Here projected capacitive touchscreens, which are built in our Pyramid self-service kiosks, have an enormous advantage: In addition to a bare finger, it can also be operated with hygienic/surgical gloves or thin cotton gloves. Non-conductive gloves (commercial rubber gloves and surgical gloves) made of different materials (latex , nitrile, polyethylene, ..) react perfectly to the projected capacitive touch screens.

Thermal Sensing Kiosks

Temperature checks are becoming the new norm and will be part of many public places such as workspace, airports, stations, shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, universities, conference, concert and sporting venues.

Pyramid Computer and its software partners have developed thermal sensing kiosks to help enterprises comply with new strict health check and social distancing expectations in the current and post-Covid-19 landscape. The kiosk solutions are ensuring privacy and security for all user data, and corporate compliance with global privacy regulations. Combining contactless thermal temperature screening sensors with specific software solutions, the polytouch® kiosks offers a level of public access safety and accuracy that exceeds human-error prone processes. The turn-key market ready solution has an intuitive customizable UI / UX and ID card authentication. A contactless check-in process can be integrated into existing HR systems and can support card scanning and manual inputs as needed.

Self-Checkout Kiosks

Recently, Pyramid Computer delivered self-checkout kiosks to leading food retailers in Germany thereby revolutionizing the customer shopping experience with greater convenience, shorter queues and improved service. Since there was no comparable/matching SCO product on the market, Pyramid Computer developed a solution tailored specifically to its client. The kiosks are designed in such a way that different payment modules and checkouts can be used depending on the regional company. A scale or hand scanner can also be added as an option. Pyramid's kiosks delivers speed, efficiency and maximum user-friendliness in self-checkout. Pyramid's Polytouch® Portal is designed so that every transaction can be processed in seconds, which dramatically increases the efficiency of the payment process.

Smart Fitting Room

Our Smart Fitting Room solution offers innovative services for consumers as well as valuable insights into customer preferences. Our Polytouch® interactive mirror helps converting regular fitting rooms into smart ones. The magic mirror is fitted with an RFID reader automatically detecting the items a customer takes in to try on. RFID tags are attached to price labels which transfer data to the Mirror. In combination with an RFID based stock management system the customer would only be shown currently available sizes on the mirror. By cutting down the number of visits to the fitting room per customer and reducing the lines, customers will experience a much more efficient and less frustrating shopping journey. For a fashion retailer, the fitting room is the key touchpoint for converting customers into buyers. Our smart fitting room solution offers the potential for real customer interaction and to gain additional competitive advantage by meeting the exact wants and needs of today’s shoppers.