In Conversation with Robert Meiner,

Technical Sales Engineer at Peerless-AV

HQ: Aberdeen, NC

Peerless-AV provides standard digital signage kiosks for either entrances, exits, or aisle end caps. We provide a versatile array of sleek, slim and attractive standard kiosk enclosures. Clients can also create a completely unique kiosk solution fit for any application and market - corporate, education, quick serve restaurants, hospitality, stadiums, retail and more. Our kiosks are customisable in every way - from the choice of technology to size and specifications to custom paint and vinyl wraps.

Peerless-AV has created a variety of solutions for clients in the retail space, assisting with the project from start to finish. We have created indoor floor-standing integrated kiosks with VSBLTY software, VisionCaptor, DataCaptor, and Vector as well as indoor and outdoor floor standing portrait kiosks outfitted with chrome, RFID tags, accent lighting, and vinyl graphics allowing the mal property to utilize wayfinding and selling advertising space to major brands and retailers.

Custom Kiosks & Personalization

There are also many instances where a standard kiosk needs to be “outfitted” with components to meet the retailer’s application. Therefore, we can customize our kiosks internally and externally. Internally, we integrate cameras, barcode scanners, receipt printers, card readers, and more. On the outside, we can incorporate anything that the retailer would like to incorporate for appearance purposes, from making the kiosk a variety of different colors and materials, to applying LED lighting, acrylic logos, and vinyl graphics.

With many public and private spaces becoming ever more congested with multiple digital signage content, from a variety of sources, it is important to clients that their message stands out in the crowd. Whether a kiosk branded with the client logo or in their corporate colours, or a solution where the kiosk graphics carry through the marketing theme. To support this requirement Peerless-AV offers the ability to personalize any of the kiosk range with a choice of three different client branding options—Custom Color Finish, Viny Logo and Fully Vinyl Wrap.

The Peerless-AV Integrated Kiosks

Peerless-AV offers range of kiosks.

Landscape 'wayfinding' kiosks: Peerless-AV’s new indoor, Landscape Kiosk is designed to support the latest digital signage displays. With a flat base that can be free standing or bolted to the ground, the kiosk allows for quick access to electric and data cables, making it easy to install and maintain. From entertaining to wayfinding, this new kiosk is an ideal solution for any indoor application setting - from corporate to retail to hospitality, and beyond.

Outdoor Smart City: Replace static signage with Peerless-AV's award-winning Smart City Kiosk for greater public engagement and seamless updates of digital content whenever, wherever. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, the Smart City Kiosks is designed to be modern, approachable, practical, and endure the rigours of everyday use.

Universal Indoor Floor-standing Portrait Kiosk: Experience the elegance of Peerless-Av's Indoor Portrait Kiosk. This sleek, multi-media kiosk incorporates a robust feature set, while maintaining an elegant curved design. From entertaining to wayfinding, the kiosk is an ideal solution for various indoor application settings, including corporate, retail and hospitality.

All-in-One Kiosk digital signage solution for any indoor retail setting, featuring a sleek design with lean frames and a small footprint. With an integrated LCD display offering six points of IR touch, the kiosk fully engages users, making it ideal for a variety of uses, such as wayfinding, entertainment, and digital merchandising. The hinged top frame in 'On-Wall Kiosks' and removable front cover and pull-out mount in 'In-Wall Kiosks' offers easy access to display and internal components for easy maintenance.

The Kiosk Builder

We are guided by the philosophy, "If you can envision it, we can make it happen". We offer to all out clients, KioskBuilder, an exclusive self-service online configurator that allows our clients to quickly specify their technology requirements. Anyone interested can go to, where the KioskBuilder application will guide you through a simple series of questions such as: Will the kiosk be indoors or outdoors? Portrait or landscape orientation? Free-standing, desktop or wall-mounted? What kind of display/ touch technology, media player do you want? Once the inputs are received, then the KioskBuilder provides you with options and you can make selection. The KioskBuilder application allows point-and-click configuration that results in a fully integrated, pre-tested custom Kiosk that arrives ready-to-install.

Award-Winning Expert Team

Peerless-AV makes the entire kiosk selection process cost-effective and easy. Our Kiosk Solution Team is comprised of engineers, custom project managers, component and installation partners, as well as sales & service personnel. Whether you need a completely unique kiosk solution or a modified version of a standard kiosk model, this dedicated team of experts are there every step of the way to ensure every customer receives top-of-the-line product support and service from start to finish.

For all of our retail kiosks, our Industrial Design Team prepares conceptual renderings for the customer to review and see what their kiosk will look like fully assembled. Our engineering team designs and builds prototypes to ensure accuracy and is then tested for UL specifications and those that the client requires. Once they’re approved, the kiosk undergoes testing for 100% functionality and is then installed onsite with our team.


Peerless-AV partners with many top-level software providers to create the best solution for the retailer’s specifications and application. We always ensure that we are incorporating what works best to reach the data and results that the retailer desires. Our Kiosk Partner Program gives our clients, access to a wide range of the industry's best technologies such as displays, media players, software, cameras, content and more.