HQ: San Rafael, CA

In Conversation with Adam Aronson, Founder & CEO


Lilitab designs & manufactures tablet kiosks for IOS, Windows & Android. Our fully customizable, end-to-end solutions transform retail business operations by increasing efficiency and improving customer interactions.

A tablet-based kiosk is more compact is anywhere from 5-10 times cheaper than a traditional kiosk while being much easier to deploy and maintain. Lilitab’s patented Tablet Kiosk System integrates payment modules and other accessories such barcode scanners, RFID readers etc with a wide range of mounts to enable many deployment options. Our patented key and tablet-controlled docking systems provide flexibility to the deployer; allowing a kiosk to be unattended or in-hand as needed.

Retailers to enhance the in-store experience by reducing friction (grab n go), allowing the customer to handle and test various products (comparison shopping) or use expert staff to help guide them towards a product that suits their needs (assisted selling). Whether it’s accepting a card payment, reading a barcode, capturing an image, printing a receipt, or going mobile with Lilitab (along with the SmartDOCK electronic mount and Lilitab KMS) supports the kiosk functions you need to deliver a full-featured kiosk interactive. Our solutions make new forms of customer engagement possible.

Innovative Tablet Solutions

We offer a wide range of tablet kiosk solutions to fit into any industry space—from free-standing to counter/surface and wall mounted—making customer engagement possible anywhere.

Adding the right accessory to your lilitab tablet kiosk can drive user interaction to the next level. Customers can Add a liliswipe Payment Module to process sales or read loyalty cards. They can also add Pop on a Brochure Holder to provide a take-away for your guests. Some clients even add a Keyboard Mount for quick data entry.

The lilitab Tablet Kiosk System also offers the largest range of graphic options, giving you the flexibility to tailor your message with your brand. Adding the right message to your lilitab tablet kiosk is the single best thing you can do to ensure new user adoption.

We free businesses to enrich their in-store experience, forge stronger customer relationships, and save time and money while deploying the most original, fun and effective uses for tablets in the marketplace.

The Edge

As the only tablet kiosk company that is an Apple “Made for iOS” manufacturer, Lilitab is uniquely qualified to create custom kiosk solutions. Our in-house engineering team created our patented MagDOCK and Smartdock interfaces, an expansible head unit that accepts many different accessories, and our Kiosk Management Software (KMS), for quickly deploying web-assets as interactives. These innovations set us apart from our competitors.

Lilitab offers our Kiosk Management System (KMS) for IOS that enables your web-site to be deployed as an IOS app and accept payments, read barcodes, capture images, print receipts, etc. Lilitab KMS dramatically reduces your software development scope by facilitating the display of any web asset using a managed browser thus eliminating costly and time-consuming iOS development. Because they can be built and deployed as websites, new interactive concepts can be prototyped and piloted within days or weeks, not months. Even after initial deployment, new features, updates, and promotions can be deployed to your interactive kiosks remotely, without needing to update a custom app on each device.

Lilitab KMS is specifically built to deliver enterprise-class kiosk network performance, giving your network administrators a full-featured web-based dashboard displaying status and performance metrics for each kiosk in your network. This allows trouble to be detected and addressed before it happens, and it facilitates centralized call-in network support, increasing uptime and dramatically reducing network maintenance costs. It also includes geofencing, real time metrics export, status information and much more.


Lilitab Kiosk Management System

Today we operate throughout North America and around the world. Our kiosk product line is on version 3.0 and our products can be found in nearly every industry including health care, restaurants, tradeshow and events, retail, government and more. Our tablet kiosks are trusted by Panera Bread, Quest Labs, Macy’s, Whole Foods, Sephora, Land Rover and more. We have built custom integration solutions for many of our customers, including the UV disinfecting kiosk, RFID accessory mount and merchandizing kiosks.