Attract Prime Members and Grow Your Ecommerce Business on More Channels

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Michael Affronti

CEO Commerce Cloud

Jenna Flateman Posner

Chief Digital Officer
Solo Stove

Peter Larsen

VP of Buy with Prime & Multi-Channel Fulfillment, Amazon Buy with Prime

In this engaging session, leading figures in the ecommerce and technology sectors gathered to share insights on leveraging Amazon's Buy with Prime for direct-to-consumer (DTC) growth and the benefits of integrating Prime throughout the shopping journey. The discussion, featuring Peter Larsen, VP of Buy with Prime & Multi-Channel Fulfillment at Amazon; Michael Affronti, from Commerce Cloud, Salesforce; and Jenna Flateman Posner, Chief Digital Officer at Solo Stove, highlighted the transformative potential of this integration for businesses aiming to expand their online presence and deepen customer connections.

A Strategic Leap Forward
Peter Larsen opened the session by emphasizing the success of Amazon's fulfillment network and its extension through Buy with Prime to offer Prime members the beloved Amazon shopping experience on DTC sites. "Prime members love this experience on So, why shouldn't that experience also be available off of" Peter questioned, setting the stage for a discussion on the impact of Amazon's ecommerce strategy when applied to broader channels.

Harnessing Prime's Power
The integration of Buy with Prime with Salesforce Commerce Cloud was a focal point, poised to revolutionize the DTC ecommerce landscape. This partnership aims to make the Prime brand more prominent throughout the shopping journey, from search to checkout, enhancing customer trust and conversion rates. "Merchants want to make the Prime brand more prevalent throughout the shopping journey, like on Amazon," Peter noted, highlighting the initiative to offer a seamless procrastination experience for shoppers across channels.

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From Rugby Fields to Retail Success
Jenna Flateman Posner shared her unique journey from being a USA rugby superstar to a retail tech executive, underscoring the transferable skills of teamwork, grit, and resilience. Her role at Solo Stove exemplifies the synergy between passion and profession, driving the company's digital and ecommerce strategies to new heights. "Being an athlete...set the stage for my retail journey," Posner reflected, drawing parallels between athletic and retail excellence.

Embracing Omni-channel Challenges
The conversation also ventured into the complex dynamics of managing both DTC and wholesale channels. Jenna's insights into creating seamless omni-channel experiences and the crucial role of technology platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud in achieving this were particularly enlightening. "We're learning as the business continues to evolve," she stated, sharing Solo Stove's approach to blending online and in-store experiences.

A Vision for Integrated Ecommerce
Michael Affronti's enthusiasm for the partnership between Amazon Buy with Prime and Salesforce Commerce Cloud underscored the session's collaborative spirit. This integration not only simplifies operations for merchants but also enhances the shopping experience for consumers by making the Prime experience a natural part of the DTC journey. "Excited to partner with Amazon and bring Buy with Prime to Commerce Cloud," Michael expressed, highlighting the shared vision for a unified ecommerce ecosystem.

Leveraging Inventory and Logistics
Jenna also touched upon innovative strategies for inventory management, exploring how Buy with Prime could enable more strategic risk-taking with product assortments. This approach has the potential to optimize storage and fulfillment, turning logistical challenges into opportunities for growth. "It's a cool way to de-risk inventory positions," Jenna remarked, providing a glimpse into the operational advantages of this integration.

Future Prospects and Partnerships
In conclusion, the session provided invaluable insights into the evolving world of ecommerce, offering a roadmap for businesses seeking to harness the power of Amazon's Buy with Prime and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Through strategic integration, innovative inventory management, and a commitment to seamless customer experiences, the speakers showcased a future where the boundaries of online retail are continuously expanded, promising exciting opportunities for growth and connection in the digital age.

APRIL 2024