Checkout-Free Apparel Shopping: New Applications of Just Walk Out Technology

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Jon Jenkins

VP, Just Walk Out technology
Amazon Web Services

Bill Toney

VP, Global RFID Market Development
Avery Dennison

In this transformative discussion, Jon Jenkins, Vice President of Just Walk Out technology at Amazon Web Services, and Bill Toney, Vice President of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison, delved into the evolving landscape of retail technology. Their dialogue, marked by insights and anecdotes, shed light on how the blend of Just Walk Out technology and RFID is redefining the shopping experience.

Retail's New Frontier: Embracing Change and Convenience
The retail sector stands at a precipice, facing a shift driven by consumer demand for frictionless experiences. Jon Jenkins opened the conversation with a simple question that set the tone: "Who loves standing in checkout lines?" This rhetorical question highlighted a universal shopper sentiment—the disdain for wait times. Bill Toney complemented this by revealing a compelling statistic: a significant portion of consumers has abandoned purchases due to long lines, signaling a critical pain point in the retail experience.

The Rise of RFID in Retail
RFID technology, once perceived as a relic of the past, has emerged as a cornerstone of modern retail, as elucidated by Bill Toney. Evolving from case-level to item-level tracking, RFID's precision has revolutionized inventory management and customer experience. Jon Jenkins shared an intriguing perspective on RFID's integration into Amazon's Just Walk Out technology, portraying a journey from skepticism to realization of its potential to eliminate traditional checkout processes, thereby enhancing the shopping journey.

Operational Efficiency and Theft Prevention
The speakers underscored the operational benefits of RFID, including improved inventory accuracy and labor optimization. Jon vividly described the application of Just Walk Out technology in various venues, from stadiums to apparel stores, highlighting the seamless integration of RFID tags into everyday retail operations. This synergy not only streamlines the shopping experience but also contributes significantly to reducing shrinkage, a persistent challenge in the industry.

Consumer Preferences and the Future of Retail
Drawing from recent consumer research, Bill Toney shared insights into changing consumer preferences, particularly among Gen Z, who favor frictionless checkout options. This demographic's inclination towards technology-driven shopping experiences suggests a pivotal shift in retail strategies. Jon and Bill discussed the broader implications of RFID and Just Walk Out technology, from the feasibility of pop-up stores to enhancing the authenticity and provenance of merchandise, painting a picture of a future where technology and consumer desires align seamlessly.

A Partnership Driving Innovation
The partnership between Amazon Web Services and Avery Dennison serves as a prime example of how technological advancements and retail know-how can merge. Their path, marked by both challenges and victories, highlights the revolutionary capacity of RFID and Just Walk Out technology within the retail sector. As Jon and Bill wrapped up their talk, they left the audience envisioning a future where shopping transcends mere necessity, evolving into an effortless and captivating activity. By prioritizing customer convenience, streamlining operations, and employing innovative RFID technology, they painted a picture of a future characterized by frictionless shopping experiences and retail environments that are keenly attuned to their customers' needs and preferences.

APRIL 2024