How to Better “Love Your Customer” by Firework and Victoria’s Secret & Co.

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Chris Rupp

Chief Customer Officer
Victoria's Secret & Co.

Vincent Yang


In this session hosted by Firework, Chris Rupp, Chief Customer Officer at Victoria's Secret & Co., alongside Vincent Yang, CEO of Firework, delved into the nuances of fostering customer love through technological advancements. The discussion, rich in insights and strategies, revolved around achieving omnichannel success and the critical role of AI and personalization in enhancing customer experiences.

Chris Rupp shared her profound commitment to customer-centricity, stating, "Love the customer is one of our core values at Victoria's Secret, because we think of it as one of the foremost important things that we do." Her approach to understanding customers combines data with anecdotal insights, ensuring decisions are driven by a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior.

The conversation underscored the importance of omnichannel strategies in providing convenience and relevance at various customer touchpoints. Chris emphasized the significance of blending online and offline shopping experiences to create a seamless journey for customers, noting, "Omni channel just means you can buy what you want, when and where you want."

A focal point of the discussion was the integration of technology to humanize and personalize the digital shopping experience. From visual search technology aiding in finding the perfect bra size to leveraging video content for a more engaging online presence, the speakers highlighted innovative approaches to drawing customers closer to the brand.

AI's potential to revolutionize the retail sector was a recurring theme. Chris envisioned using AI to enhance in-store shopping experiences, making product recommendations more precise and tailored. She also touched upon the ethical considerations in AI development, emphasizing the importance of training models carefully to avoid undesirable outcomes.

The session also explored the interplay between AI, personalization, and customer loyalty programs. Chris shared insights into measuring biases in generative AI solutions and the launch of a loyalty program aimed at deepening customer relationships. She pointed out, "We're worried about that. And we're just learning about that along with everybody else."

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, the dialogue between Chris Rupp and Vincent Yang shed light on the strategic imperatives for retailers aiming to elevate their customer experiences. Their shared wisdom underscored the significance of adopting a customer-first approach, leveraging technology judiciously, and continuously seeking innovative ways to engage and understand consumers. This dialogue encapsulates the essence of a forward-thinking discussion that not only provides actionable insights for retailers but also underscores the evolving relationship between technology and customer satisfaction in the retail sector.

APRIL 2024