APRIL 2024

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Elevates Retail at NRF 2024: A Foray into the Future of Frictionless Shopping

In an electrifying showcase at the National Retail Federation's (NRF) Retail's Big Show 2024, held January 14-16, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions unveiled a visionary leap into the future of retail. The buzz around Toshiba's booth was palpable, drawing attendees into a world where cutting-edge technology meets practical retail solutions. As the industry navigates a period of significant transformation, Toshiba's innovations are not just keeping pace—they're setting the pace.

A Fusion of Innovation and Experience
Upon entering the Toshiba booth, visitors were greeted by an immersive display of technological prowess designed to transcend conventional retail experiences. From advanced POS and self-service solutions to AI-driven computer vision and mobility, the offerings spoke to an urgent need in the market: seamless, frictionless shopping experiences. Toshiba's showcase was a clarion call to retailers, urging them to think beyond the now and embrace a future where adaptability is key.

Leadership Voices: Steering the Future of Retail
Rance Poehler, President and CEO of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, emphasized the company's commitment to empowering retailers against industry challenges such as labor shortages and inventory management. "Our investments lead to a future where retailers are empowered to enrich experiences inside and outside the store," Poehler noted, underscoring the pivotal role of AI and computer vision in driving digital transformation.

The modular ELERA® Commerce Platform stood out as a backbone of Toshiba's NRF presentation, offering retailers agile, strategic solutions for business transformation. Fredrik Carlegren, VP and Head of Marketing and Communication, captured the essence of Toshiba's vision: "The future is frictionless. Our immersive experience showcases new technologies that are now accessible to retailers, leveraging AI-driven insights to accelerate the future of retail."

Innovative Solutions for Today's Retailers
The ELERA® Security Suite, integrating ELERA® Loss Prevention and ELERA® Produce Recognition solutions, is an end-to-end solution that fully orchestrates computer vision cameras with advanced edge AI to minimize shrink and operational friction and enhance shopper experiences. The Vision Kiosk, accepting biometric loyalty and payments powered by PopID, pointed towards a future where non-traditional payments become the norm.

A Testament to Adaptation and Innovation
Toshiba's senior leaders underlined the company's holistic approach to retail challenges. Ashley Wehr, Product Marketing Manager, highlighted the necessity of exceeding ordinary experiences to resonate with modern consumers. Meanwhile, Andrew McDaniel, SVP Europe, and Naresh Keswani, VP Product Management, echoed the importance of Toshiba's modular, adaptable solutions in meeting the diverse needs of retailers.

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Conclusion: A Milestone for Retail Innovation
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions' participation at NRF 2024 marked a significant milestone in the journey towards a frictionless retail future. The convergence of technology and consumer demand at the Toshiba booth offered a glimpse into a world where retail operations are not just efficient but are a delightful experience for the consumer. As the industry looks forward, Toshiba's commitment to innovation and adaptation heralds a new era for retail, promising a landscape where challenges are met with dynamic, impactful solutions. The journey through Toshiba's booth at NRF 2024 was not just a tour of technological innovation; it was a vision of the future, vividly and vibrantly brought to life.