Empowering Frontline Teams: How Mattress Firm's Retail Ops and it Partnered for Success

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Robyn Martin

Senior Director of Store Operations
Mattress Firm

Steve Zawlocki

VP, Retail IT Mattress Firm

Jenna Goldstein

VP of Sales

In an era where the blend of technology and operational excellence shapes the future of retail, Mattress Firm's journey towards streamlining its operations and enhancing the employee experience stands out as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. At the heart of this transformation lies a strategic partnership with YOOBIC, marked by the integration of a cutting-edge digital workplace platform that promises to revolutionize how frontline teams operate across Mattress Firm's sprawling network of over 2,300 stores. This session delves into the insights and anecdotes shared by the key players behind this transformative initiative: Robyn Martin, Senior Director of Store Operations at Mattress Firm; Steve Zawlocki, VP of Retail IT at Mattress Firm; and Jenna Goldstein, VP of Sales at YOOBIC.

The Genesis of Transformation
The session opened with Jenna Goldstein highlighting the symbiotic relationship between operational excellence and employee experience as the cornerstone of retail success. Jenna, leading YOOBIC's sales across North America, set the stage for a deep dive into Mattress Firm's strategic initiative to empower their frontline teams and enhance store execution.

Robyn Martin, tasked with overseeing store operations, and Steve Zawlocki, helming the retail IT side, represented the collaborative effort between operations and IT that is pivotal in today's retail landscape. Their partnership underscored the importance of a unified approach in adopting new technologies that align with the needs of frontline teams.

The Challenge: Overcoming Operational Silos
Robyn candidly shared the initial challenges faced by Mattress Firm's field teams, who felt overwhelmed by corporate directives. The existing tools were disjointed, leading to operational inefficiencies and a lack of real-time visibility into store execution. This revelation, born from CEO-led roundtables, sparked the quest for a holistic solution that would streamline operations and foster a sense of ownership among store associates.

The Solution: A Digital Workplace Revolution
The journey towards operational excellence began with a meticulous RFP process, as described by Steve. This process was not just about finding a software provider but about forging a partnership that understood the nuanced needs of Mattress Firm's operations. YOOBIC emerged as the partner of choice, bringing to the table their robust digital workplace platform that promised to simplify daily tasks for store associates and provide actionable insights to drive performance.

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Implementing Change: A Phased Approach
The rollout of YOOBIC's platform, affectionately rebranded internally as "Mission Control," was marked by a phased approach that prioritized user adoption and ease of integration. The initial phase focused on simplifying task management, while subsequent phases aimed at leveraging the platform's advanced features to tackle more complex operational challenges. Robyn highlighted the strategic use of a calendar integration feature, which enabled store associates to better plan and manage their workload, as a game-changer in operational efficiency. The platform's analytics capabilities also played a crucial role in providing insights into task completion and store performance.

Driving Engagement and Adoption
A key factor in the successful implementation of the new platform was engaging frontline teams in the process. From allowing store teams to name the platform to involving them in pilot phases, Mattress Firm ensured that the transition was not only about adopting a new tool but about embracing a cultural shift towards more empowered and engaged store teams. Steve's insights into the technical implementation underscored the importance of a seamless integration process that minimized disruption and maximized usability for store associates. The "Integration Center" module of YOOBIC's platform was particularly lauded for its ability to enable powerful workflow automation without significant IT intervention.

Looking Ahead: Continuous Innovation
As Mattress Firm continues to explore the full potential of their digital workplace, the focus remains on leveraging technology to drive engagement, efficiency, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. The introduction of new modules and the exploration of innovative use cases reflect a commitment to evolving in step with the changing retail landscape.

Robyn and Steve's reflections on the project emphasized the importance of understanding field needs, setting clear objectives, and maintaining a collaborative spirit between operations and IT. Their partnership serves as a model for other retailers navigating the complex journey of digital transformation.

Mattress Firm's journey with YOOBIC is a testament to the power of technology when coupled with strategic vision and cross-functional collaboration. By placing frontline teams at the heart of their operational strategy, Mattress Firm has not only enhanced store execution but has also set a new standard for retail operations in the digital age. As the retail industry continues to evolve, the insights shared by Jenna, Robyn, and Steve offer valuable lessons on the importance of empowering store associates through technology, driving operational excellence, and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

APRIL 2024