How LIDS Solved their Workforce Puzzle: 5 Tactics to Maximize Your Labor for Global Expansion

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Bliss Gordon

Account Executive

Dustin Trammell 

Vice President U.S. West

Erika McKibben 

Director of Operations

Roxanne Zazueta

District Manager

In an era where global retail expansion is as daunting as it is enticing, LIDS, a powerhouse in sports retail, charted a course that not only tackled the waves but rode them to new heights. During this session hosted by StoreForce, LIDS’ leadership unveiled the strategies that powered their journey beyond the 1,300-store mark worldwide. Here’s a deep dive into the session that unfolded a masterclass in retail excellence.

Embracing the Digital Surge: A StoreForce Symphony
Bliss Gordon, Account Executive at StoreForce, set the stage, articulating the crux of modern retail’s challenge: the dire need for a unified digital platform. "Retail was borrowing tools from other industries...there was a real need among retailers for a solution that could do all of their workforce management, all of their reporting, all of their task management pieces while engaging their employees," Bliss elucidated.

Operational Excellence: The LIDS Ethos
Erika McKibben, Director of Operations at LIDS, shared insights into the heart of their operation - a blend of fun and fervor, encapsulated in their motto, "have fun, sell hats." The journey, as Erika narrated, was not just about climbing the corporate ladder but about fostering a culture where every member felt integral to the narrative.

Analytics: The Compass for Global Expansion
Dustin Trammell, Vice President U.S. West at LIDS, delved into the analytical prowess that empowered LIDS to predict and pivot, ensuring that their labor was not just lean but laser-focused. "Our company hires to fit...the fun, competitive culture, and that's what we hired to, so it seems to work for us," Dustin shared, revealing the cultural cornerstone of their global strategy.

Global Footprints: Pioneering with Precision
The expansion beyond North America was a leap of faith, backed by data and driven by a vision to infuse the global market with LIDS' unique brand ethos. Dustin recalled the transformative shift in 2019, underlining the ambition that propelled LIDS onto the global stage.

Technology: The Game Changer
Erika highlighted the pivotal role of StoreForce in harmonizing operations across their vast network. From managing 1,300 stores’ tasks to facilitating seamless communication, StoreForce emerged as the digital backbone for LIDS’ operational framework.

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Scheduling and Staffing: The Art of Optimization
Automated scheduling was a beacon of efficiency for LIDS, as Roxanne Zazueta, District Manager at LIDS, pointed out. The technology not only educated managers on the whys of scheduling but also freed up their time for more strategic endeavors. "Automated scheduling tool helps educate managers on why certain scheduling decisions are made, freeing up time for more strategic tasks," Roxanne elucidated.

Retail Challenges and Triumphs
From navigating the intricacies of global markets to adapting to the unpredictable dynamics of the sports industry, LIDS’ leaders shared their trials and triumphs. Erika’s recount of adjusting sales strategies to cater to international sensibilities, and Dustin’s strategy for predictive analytics underscored the nuanced approach required to thrive globally.

Leadership: The LIDS Way
Dustin emphasized the importance of hiring individuals who resonated with LIDS' competitive, sales-driven culture. "Hire well and hire people that fit your culture," he advised, pointing to the essence of building a resilient leadership pipeline that could navigate the complexities of a global retail landscape.

Empowerment through Listening
Erika advocated for a leadership style rooted in empathy and active listening. "Listen to what people have to say...most of the time if somebody is probably telling you what's right in front of you," she reflected, emphasizing the power of understanding and empathy in driving operational success.

The LIDS Formula: A Global Beacon
As the session wrapped up, it was clear that LIDS' journey was not just about expanding geographically but about pioneering a culture, a digital synergy, and a leadership ethos that could inspire the global retail sector. The speakers’ shared experiences painted a picture of a company that, while deeply rooted in its core values, was agile enough to navigate the shifting sands of global retail.

In closing, the LIDS story, as narrated by Bliss, Erika, Dustin, and Roxanne, is a testament to the power of integrating technology, strategy, and human capital. It’s a blueprint for other retailers navigating the complex, competitive, and ever-evolving global retail waters. Their journey underscores a fundamental retail truth: success, global or otherwise, is a confluence of vision, strategy, and the relentless pursuit of operational excellence.

APRIL 2024