P.F. Chang’s Recipe for Success: An Intelligent Platform for HR, Workforce Management and Finance

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Art Kilmer

P.F. Chang's

Joe Wilson

Global CTO

In the bustling world of retail and hospitality, where resilience is the name of the game, P.F. Chang's, a global Asian culinary brand, has emerged as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Leveraging the Workday platform's AI capabilities, P.F. Chang's has redefined process efficiencies, real-time insights, and decision-making strategies, setting new standards in employee engagement and guest experience. This discussion features insights from Art Kilmer, COO of P.F. Chang's, and Joe Wilson, Global CTO at Workday, highlighting the transformative journey of P.F. Chang's through technology.

Art Kilmer's journey with P.F. Chang's, dating back to 2000, has seen significant industry shifts, with technology standing out as the most impactful. Under his guidance, P.F. Chang's has navigated through these changes by adopting Workday's unified platform for HR, workforce management, and finance. This digital transformation streamlined operations, reduced administrative burdens, and enhanced training and development programs, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in all facets of the business.

Joe Wilson, with a decade at Workday, passionately shared the company's vision of improving user experiences through a network effect, emphasizing the critical role of data and trust in deploying AI effectively. Workday's strategy focuses on leveraging vast amounts of customer data to generate actionable insights, ensuring scalability and reliability in their solutions.

The partnership between P.F. Chang's and Workday has been a journey of mutual learning and growth. The implementation of Workday's platform addressed P.F. Chang's challenges with outdated systems and multiple software platforms, leading to improved communication and integration. This transformation allowed P.F. Chang's to reduce friction for frontline workers, lower turnover rates, and streamline operations, affirming the value of a holistic, technology-driven approach in the hospitality industry.

Moreover, the discussion shed light on the practical applications of AI in forecasting and scheduling, underscoring the benefits of accommodating team member preferences and reducing turnover. Kilmer shared examples of how Workday's solutions, including a mobile app for HR and compliance training, have led to high completion rates and improved employee engagement.

The integration of AI and machine learning into workforce management has been a game-changer for P.F. Chang's. The ability to generate AI-forecasted schedules that respect team member preferences has not only enhanced employee satisfaction but also contributed to a more efficient and guest-centered service model. This approach has propelled P.F. Chang's towards achieving its goal of being the best place to work in communities, reflecting a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of employee satisfaction and customer experience.

In conclusion, the session underscored the transformative impact of AI and technology on the retail and hospitality sectors, with P.F. Chang's and Workday at the forefront of this evolution. Their collaboration highlights the power of data-driven decision-making and the importance of a unified platform in achieving operational excellence and unparalleled guest experiences. As the industries continue to face challenges, the insights shared by Art Kilmer and Joe Wilson serve as a roadmap for other retailers looking to navigate the future of work with agility and foresight.

APRIL 2024