Fostering Retail Growth and Operational Excellence: A Collaborative Journey with Pet Supplies Plus 

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Kelly Mason

Manager Store Communications
Pet Supplies Plus

Gary Stonell

SVP of Sales & Operations

Matthew Schuster

Director of Operations
Pet Supplies Plus

Christina Meguerian

Senior Manager - Client Success

In this engaging and insightful session titled "Fostering Retail Growth and Operational Excellence," Pet Supplies Plus (PSP) and Opterus shared their collaborative journey toward achieving operational excellence and rapid retail growth. The panel featured Kelly Mason, the Manager of Store Communications at Pet Supplies Plus, and Matthew Schuster, the Director of Operations at PSP, alongside Gary Stonell, SVP of Sales & Operations at Opterus, and Christina Meguerian, Senior Manager - Client Success at Opterus.

Pet Supplies Plus, under the leadership of Kelly and Matthew, has demonstrated remarkable growth, expanding from 244 stores to over 700 in five years through franchise development and acquisitions. This achievement is a testament to the company's commitment to offering a convenient, high-service shopping experience while maintaining a locally owned, small store feel. "We want to be that locally owned, operated small store feel where they know your name and your pet's name when you come in the door," Matthew shared, highlighting the company's vision of being America's favorite neighborhood pet store.

One of the keys to PSP's success has been its strategic use of technology to streamline operations and enhance communication across its complex business model, which includes both corporate and franchise stores operating under different banners and brands. The company leverages Opterus' cloud-based task management and operational communication solution, Opterus, to manage day-to-day operations efficiently. This platform has been instrumental in PSP's ability to manage its rapid growth and maintain operational excellence.ey have streamlined communications to two days per week, digitized paperwork like variance reporting forms, and added Microsoft Teams integration for connecting with field leaders.

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Kelly and Matthew detailed several initiatives undertaken to improve operational efficiency and communication. These include transitioning the animal care dashboard to a repository for live animal care processes, creating merchandising, marketing, and planning dashboards, and building accounts for new franchise owners for early access. Additionally, they have streamlined communications to two days per week, digitized paperwork like variance reporting forms, and added Microsoft Teams integration for connecting with field leaders.

A particularly innovative aspect of PSP's operational strategy is the utilization of dashboards in their Store Ops Center, which is integrated into their strategy through the AppCenter. This approach not only streamlines processes for franchise owners but also supports PSP's growth and efficiency. District managers, for instance, use Microsoft Teams for virtual store walks, which has improved efficiency and adoption of the platform.

The pandemic posed unique challenges for retailers worldwide, and PSP was no exception. However, by leaning into existing processes, including communication, inventory management, and e-commerce, PSP adapted swiftly. "We never closed any of our stores during the pandemic," Kelly mentioned, underscoring the importance of clear and frequent communication during such uncertain times. This resilience and adaptability were key to continuing their growth trajectory even during the pandemic.

Looking ahead, PSP is excited about utilizing Opterus' audit module and forms module to further streamline operations. The audit module will allow PSP to eliminate an additional system, making operations more efficient, while the forms module aims to digitize processes, such as variance reporting, to enhance efficiency further.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Pet Supplies Plus and Opterus exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to foster retail growth and operational excellence. Through their innovative use of the Opterus platform, PSP has not only streamlined operations but also maintained a strong connection with their franchise owners, ensuring a consistent and high-quality shopping experience for their customers. As they look to the future, PSP continues to innovate, further integrating technology into their operations to support their continued growth and success.

APRIL 2024