Coalition Technologies

An executive conversation with Jordan Brannon, President & COO

Coalition is a full service e-commerce digital agency and BigCommerce consultant. We help e-commerce brands first select the right e-commerce shopping cart software based on over a decade working with different brands in different agencies. From there, we help to scope particular design and development approaches to ensure that their e-commerce website or mobile app experience is highly competitive and high performing. Finally, we help with content optimization, CRO, and ongoing marketing of their e-commerce stores through practices like SEO, PPC, paid social, email marketing, and organic social media marketing.

As the oldest BigCommerce agency partner, we have more development experience with the platform than anyone else. We have supported merchants with design work, content creation, modifications to pre-built themes, the creation of custom themes, development of custom functionality, creation of custom apps and 3rd party software integrations, ongoing conversion rate optimization and ongoing marketing.

We have notable experience in making BigCommerce excel from a development perspective with ADA compliance, site speed improvements, custom integrations to ERP and POS or CRM solutions, or in helping to solve the complexity of B2B merchants.

Helping Merchants Excel on BigCommerce

West End Motorsports: is a challenging e-commerce merchant for most e-commerce platforms due to the size and complexity of its catalog and a highly demanding audience of motorcycle enthusiasts. With thousands of SKUs, complex search requirements, and a poor prior ecommerce experience, we needed to make the site and its sub-pages highly accessible for all device types while also improving its performance in conversion rates, CPA, and ranking through SEO. Coalition helped West End solve a problematic migration which had killed their rankings by another agency and has supported the team there with ongoing marketing and development work. For the last 3 years, we’ve helped solve each of those problems for the brand and have propelled them to becoming a multi-million dollar e-commerce company.

PayPal: We have built several different websites in support of PayPal on the BigCommerce platform. These e-commerce experiences are integrated into the PayPal merchant facing apps and support small businesses with in person transactions through hardware and device sales.

Spinning: For several years, Coalition supported Spinning and its family of fitness brands with SEO and PPC marketing. After they moved to BigCommerce, we helped resolved unfinished and broken site components created by another agency. These fixes included resolving problems with integrations to their ERP, running multiple international stores, and with a custom checkout solution.

Shopping in Japan: Starting as a small local shop and selling primarily on eBay, Shopping in Japan came to us when they started to see their number of visitors drop. Through our SEO efforts, they wanted to see improvement in search rankings, have more visitors come from major forums, and see an improvement in their conversion rate. Since we took over marketing, we’ve grown revenue by 100% and traffic by 114%, now helping them reach the six figures on revenue reliably.

Driven by Experience, Powered by Knowledge

Coalition supports our merchants with experienced project managers, called Digital Producers. Most accounts will be supported by 2 Digital Producers, one primary and another secondary. This helps to ensure that at all times, the client is able to reach someone if they have a more urgent request. It also helps stabilize account management when our team members opt to take vacation time or if they fall ill.

Two consistent points of contact also allow us to diversify the skillset of the people supporting the campaign, so each client is supported by a service mix focused group of project managers rather than generically trained ones that are more common in other agencies.

A client would choose Coalition if they are looking for a reliable agency partner with enough experience and demonstrated outcomes to have a high degree of confidence that successful outcomes are less dependent on luck and more dependent on quality processes and training. With over 200 people we’re able to cover a lot of ground for merchants that would otherwise represent significant staffing headaches.

Coalition has over 25 BigCommerce focused team members, primarily in strategy, design, development, and project management. Many have significant years of experience with the platform which is unique, given the fact that most of the agencies have only become familiar with the platform in the last 2 to 3 years. Coalition and our teams have been supporting BigCommerce merchants for over a decade. Our relationship with BigCommerce is so unique that we’ve actually been staffed in office with BigCommerce for 2 years to support their enterprise support and account management teams directly.

Coalition’s true edge against other agencies is the way that we have built a culture that embodies the notion that client success is our success. We have a unique, objective metric focused culture that encourages transparency, communication, and quality of work which better aligns us with our client expectations and goals.

That’s been demonstrated to make a difference in over 600 case studies which we feature on our site.