OC Designs Online

An executive conversation with Frannie Kline 

Founder & CEO

OCDesignsonline is a Digital Agency that has been designing webstores for Bigcommerce sellers for over 8 years

We offer theme design/ development and theme customization/ modification for Bigcommerce. We also offer API integration and store optimization for Bigcommerce. OCDesignsonline will help a client with the transfer of their current webstore onto Bigcommerce if that is a needed requirement.

The Customized Store

Many sellers make the mistake of going to Bigcommerce and grabbing a “pre-made theme” or a “free template” because it is cheap and not realizing the design is not optimized for SEO or is missing features that would help them succeed in the marketplace. Unfortunately this is not something that any eCommerce seller would know or understand unless they have a clear knowledge and/or background in web development.

Sellers (merchants) engage with OCdesignsonline because of the creative freedom they will gain by having a custom design vs a pre-made template. We know how hard it is to beat out the competition in the eCommerce space, connect with your target audience, and make your BigCommerce store stand out. That’s where OCDesignsOnline comes in – giving you outstanding BigCommerce store design with unique theme and template, so you can unlock your online potential. We bring to you the most revolutionary designs comprising of exclusive theme and best responsive template that will make your BigCommerce store stand out from the crowd.

We always believe in providing the best theme and template designs for our client’s BigCommerce store. We provide our clientele with the theme that have advanced features and add-on support created by our expert developers. The fully-customized store that we build for our clients, helps them to showcase their brand, builds strong web presence, and attracts eager buyers who will have the ultimate shopping experience due to the excellent layout of theme and template, and converts one-time shoppers into loyal clients. The new, cutting-edge design we bring in gives our clients the power to run an effective, profitable online business.

In order that our clients quickly realize their vision, every store that we build is Search Engine Optimized, so our client’s store rank at the top of searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And of course, we give them fully responsive, mobile friendly designs; this way, shoppers can view the store on any device. Even better, the process is fun, easy, and our clients get their store live in less than three weeks.

Client Engagement

Before beginning a project, the client’s goal for their website is discussed in detail. Once the package is agreed upon we send a detailed questionnaire to be filled out. This helps our designers to get a sense of exactly what the goal for the design will be. Once the questionnaire is received a project manager will assist at scheduling all designs and design revisions until each part of the design project is completed. We offer assistance on any questions regarding design aesthetic, functionality of the site, and any other inquiries the client may have.

OCDesigns typically does not offer hourly contracts. We find that fixed price contracts keep the price down for our customers. We prefer to offer our clients fixed priced packages for our websites, as well as fixed price contracts for revision and maintenance work. We do this so our customer has a clear vision of exactly what the project will cost. We find it is not ideal to work on an hourly basis where the client is not able to track the time spent on a job.

We offer support at any time after a design has been installed. There are no ongoing maintenance fee. If at any time a client comes to us with any issues to address or updates needed, we will assess what is needed and check to see how it can be fixed. At that time we will charge according to the level of work that will be done. Our main goal is to make sure our clients are always happy with our work, even if it’s years after it has been completed.

We have one very specific philosophy when it comes to our customers’ happiness or satisfaction with a project. We will not stop revising a design until we have 100% satisfaction from that customer. We do not limit their revisions on a layout or design. It is most important for us that the customer is happy with their website. We treat the customer like they are a member of the OCDesignsonline family and not just a business connection.

The seller's success is extremely important. Keeping a connection with our customers and being there with them through their journey is the most exciting part of our business. Seeing success and excitement from the results of our work is worth more than any project price.

The Custom-made Big Commerce Portfolio

  • topspeedauto.com
  • srselfdefense.com

  • southernfabric.com

  • bbgmarine.com

  • om-wireless.com

  • totalmusicsource.com
  • marvingardensstore.com
  • i5chevy.com
  • swingsetstuff.com
  • petersuchyjewelers.com

The Edge

From the first moment of contact, all the way through to the product launch and beyond; we’re by the side of our clients, ensuring they get an exceptional experience, with truly rewarding results. OCDesignsOnline is a family-owned business; there is no corporation standing behind us. We do not push design work overseas—we like to keep it here in the United States. We also have a very personalized experience with our customers, we treat every single client and job as if they were our first. The relationships between the customer and the staff at OCdesignsonline are family-like, while still maintaining professionalism. We communicate with our sellers the same way we would communicate with friends or family. This is not just a business transaction. We want our clients to feel comfortable with a level of trust from the very beginning until the job is complete