Online Visions

An executive conversation with Yvette Moreau 

Founder & CEO

At Online Visions we specialize in digital strategy, international expansion, growing online sales and aligning eCommerce technology with business goals. We service eCommerce merchants across Australia and internationally to work on the long term improvement and growth of their eCommerce store.

Online Visions has extensive experience with diverse range of eCommerce clients in both B2C and B2B sectors and serviced 200+ Customers over 18 years of digital commerce journey.

Migration Partners

We primarily specialize in moving brands from Magento who are finding ongoing software maintenance, support and development too much. Bigcommerce is a great SAAS alternative. With its flexible architecture, we can mirror from an SEO perspective the structure of the migration taking much of the risk out of ecommerce platform migration and reduce ongoing overheads. As a certified Solution partner with both platforms we offer in-depth expertise to make this a smooth transition.

Bigcommerce offers an excellent support channel so most clients handle the day-to-day business operations in-house, we find most ongoing servicing is relative to site improvement and/or optimization.

In addition to migration services, we provide theme development/ customization, consulting and third-party integrations.

Optimizing for Conversion

We also provide eCommerce optimization / CRO and UX design to help maximize the customer experience, as well as system integrations to streamline business operations.

Establishing a great user experience on your eCommerce website is critical for increasing conversion rates. We take a Conversion-driven approach to design that involves analyzing how well your customer interacts with your website, finds the products they want and buys them – and then optimise that experience.

Our clients appreciate our UX prototyping process as we not only adopt a data-driven strategy but also deliver a design concept that they love. We understand that creativity has long been the epicentre of website design but as customer experiences become increasingly more complex this needs to be combined with data-driven insights into onsite user behavior, customer personas with competitive analysis, industry trends and best-practice usability standards. This powers the creation of highly relevant and personalized customer experiences that can offer uniqueness to your brand.

We also help our clients exploit the full potential of the Big Commerce platform by taking advantage of the Analytics feature for a Personalized Customer Experience. Segmenting customers and personalizing the storefront experience is something not many clients take advantage of, a site will always convert better if the experience can be relevant and memorable. There are some great in-built features such as customer groups and price lists.

To maximize the results from UX design, we help clients in conducting regular analysis and Conversion rate optimization that can further help refine the customer experience.

Through Personalization, our clients start customizing user experience to specific customer groups and segments. Our clients have been able to increase sales and conversion rates by optimizing customer experience.

Value Client Relationships

We like to partner with our clients over the long-term and achieve mutual success. Our passion is to help our clients navigate their way through the super confusing world of digital, make things easier, grow sales and streamline business operations to increase profits.

We have over the years formed an amazing mix of technical and creative innovation that empowers our services today with the expertise to help every client turn their vision into a reality. Our team encompasses the best in design, development, digital marketing and we're dedicated to delivering all our projects to the best practices and supporting our clients to achieve long-lasting success.

We believe a quality service is the best way to retain a cilent, not lock-in contracts. We try to keep our projects agile and have a detailed discovery process and the beginning of the project. Most projects come into issues as they have a rigid scope of work and change management process. Every project is subject to change as business requirements and client understanding grows, so this needs to be budgeted for.