Moustache RepuBlic

An executive conversation with Tony Hou, CEO

We deliver creative digital commerce solutions for consumer brands who dream of global retail domination. Through expert retail strategy, beautiful UX design and cutting-edge SaaS technologies - we turn e-dreams into reality.

As a leading and Elite Partner of BigCommerce across APAC, Moustache Repulic offers the full spectrum of UI/UX, Responsive Design, Theme and Custom App Development, Integration and Migration services for all clients seeking the substantial benefits of SaaS and BigCommerce.

Intimately knowing the current BigCommerce platform and all its nuances enable us to keep ahead of competitor capabilities. We push the platform to its maximum capabilities and utilize all that it offers 'out-of-the-box'.

Our in-depth knowledge of the BigCommerce platform enables us to not only offer all the services that our clients need but more importantly, we understand when and how each of these requires attention, additional effort, discussion or problem-solving development. Any commerce requirements that may currently be outside the direct capabilities of BigCommerce are identified and overcome with either readily available 3rd-party apps or our custom development or custom app development.

The fact that we can and do custom develop, integrate or enhance, does not necessarily mean we should, for example: all facets of any build are fully identified during our discovery phase and we then consider what customizations, enhancements, apps or integrations are required.

Our critical and recognized USP's are our extensive experience, expertise and holistic business-wide approach to identifying the correct solutions across the full tech-stack, for businesses seeking local or global eCommerce success in today's omnichannel world.

Producing Outstanding eCommerce Solutions

AS Colour designs and produces premium apparel. We have built a website for AS Colour that has both B2B and B2C appeal and delivers a seamless online shopping experience across all devices and screen sizes. Some of the unique things we have built include bulk, inventory aware ‘Add to Cart Matrix’ on Product Pages, image change on hover on Category Pages and link to variant from swatch click.

Yellow New Zealand offer directory services and search marketing for local businesses. We have done a full headless commerce implementation and simplification of a very complex user journey / integration complexities. This Business Services Platform was built on BigCommerce using Stripe Billing and AWS for Identity Management and has the Integration layer connecting to client's legacy back-end systems.

HealthPost is a curated collection of the best in natural health, clean beauty and eco-living products. This is perhaps one of the most customized BigCommerce sites in the world. From building mega menu, category filters, dedicated landing page, product pages with hover tooltip explainer, product compare and wishlist, custom checkout, custom widget maanger to custom promotion app—it's one of the most challenging projects ever done. We also built for them a centralized authentication using AWS Cognito services with dynamic/Ajax header login/authentication function and account auto-detect at checkout function (with auth inline at checkout where required).

Mocka's website, built on BigCommerce, offers ‘bundle products’. BigCommerce doesn’t have a ready feature for bundle products. This was an out-of-box customization by Moustache. This would be one of the few (only?) BigCommerce sites in the world that has this type of complex product bundling & discounting feature on the site. Many merchants want/need to offer bundled/grouped/kit products on their site along with advanced UX and they think they need (eg) Magento to do it. Not true - this can be done on BigCommerce if you know it inside-out and how to solution upon & customize it appropriately. We built a custom BigCommerce app to allow the merchant to manage these bundles right from within BigCommerce admin.

For Vodafone New Zeland, we carried out a full headless commerce implementation with custom integration to many existing backend systems and BAU workflows.

Reference87: Custom Dual Checkout Workflow for Subscription based vs One off Purchases.

We have built a Real-time B2B Customer Pricing Engine Integration with SAP for New Zeland's EuroVintage that delivers quality drinks distribution solution to the hospitality and retail sector.


We have quite an eclectic mix of dev staff. Some, as you would expect, are your typical Computer background nerds. We have a designated research and development team that constantly seek out and test the latest eCommerce and SaaS technologies. The team loves being nerdy. There isn't much that gets past them and it does keep us all on the edge with our recommendations and solutions.

Having many clients across NZ, Australia and internationally and working with so many business verticals enables us to constantly add to our knowledge base and experience.

From minimal (MVP) start-up projects through to the most complex of international, multi-store, multi-location and multi-currency projects, which may have a multitude of dependencies, 3rd-party apps, integrations or fulfilment requirements, our experience enables us to offer the most comprehensive consultancy, advice, recommendations, design and development skills to any business seeking eCommerce success.

There are very few eCommerce 'problems' that we have not already come across and solved.

LaseR-focused on Clients' Success

Clients love us for our unparalleled depth of knowledge with the BigCommerce Platform, our solutions advice and expertise and our ability to not only design the most beautiful user interface and customer experience, but our ability to interpret the design with solid problem-solving and best-of-breed development skills and techniques.

We embrace a distinct approach to all projects. A project workflow sequence would include: Discovery, Solutions, Design, Development, UAT, Delivery and post-live, into our Managed Services, if required. This waterfall approach proves to be a catalyst for our success. We would suggest the most critical stages of any project are the 'full' Discovery and Solution stages. The Solutions identified across the whole project are the foundation for the business into the future. Our knowledge and constant research of new technologies enable us to identify and offer the most robust and cost-effective solutions. The experience and knowledge of our solution architects are second to none.

Our knowledge in information architecture, user experiences, platform, analytics, data and multichannel delivery, has helped online store owners and operators of all sizes generate more sales, bigger profits, higher ROI, and achieve overall business and customer objectives.

We collaborate with our clients to meet their online business objectives, and help them build profitable businesses that generate sustainable growth and lasting income. Working relationships are partnerships where we work together to plan, implement, find qualified traffic, convert and retain customers. We also attend all key strategy and planning meetings the merchant has so we can lend our experience and expertise to their discussions, planning and roadmapping process.

Unlike most other digital providers, we specialize only in eCommerce, We stick to our 'knitting' - and we are extremely good at it.

Other agencies may promote themselves as 'full-service digital agencies'. They fundamentally dilute themselves by offering other ‘related' services. We don't believe that you can be the best at what you do unless you are totally focussed on it. We don't profess to be a "jack of all trades". We are experts in eCommerce - BigCommerce and SaaS!

Another major point is our attitude. We are genuine and professional and we attempt to be as agnostic as possible with any of our recommendations. Additionally, we consider all our clients' true partners, with their eCommerce journey being our own eCommerce journey. Their success is our success.