efelle creative

An executive conversation with Fred Lebhart, Founder & CEO

At efelle creative, we help businesses define their goals, create effective strategies, and help design and build a website that will help them reach their goals.

Whether it’s a start-up or enterprise brand, we use a diagnostic approach to scoping, allowing us to understand where a client is currently at and move forward with a custom prescriptive approach. This means we help decide which marketing strategy, web design, apps, integrations and more will be best suited for them.

We offer the full suite of BigCommerce services, from website development to theme development to app integrations and full-stack development. At efelle, we work with clients to build out headless commerce sites as well, giving them endless opportunities when it comes to design and functionality.

We also have a long list of partners that we’ve vetted for our clients so that we can help them find trusted apps to make their store fully functional in all the ways they need it. Once a site is launched, we offer a full range of digital marketing services to help our clients increase traffic, conversions, and the overall success of their website.

Working With Clients

We know that redesigning and rebuilding a website is a huge project. We often hear from our clients before they’re clients, “We don’t even know what we don’t know.” That’s why we like to partner with our clients and make sure they know what to expect every step of the way.

Every project we have has an assigned Account Manager who works with them to provide updates, communication, and answer any questions that a client may have. They work as a liaison to provide feedback to the rest of the team while also being there to help our clients know exactly what is going on and walk through important decisions with them. At the beginning of a project, we work with our clients to create a timeline based around their launch goals which helps them know what to expect and where they’ll be needing to provide feedback or content.

The way we work with our clients is with a diagnostic approach. When they first come to us, we take the time to listen, learn, and work with them to understand where they can improve. Once we have a strong understanding of their current issues, as well as their goals, we work with them to make a plan. In this plan, we discuss all the different facets of BigCommerce they can use, sharing how some of their amazing native functionality can be used, and recommending some awesome 3rd party apps to fill in the gaps.

At efelle, our goal is to partner with our clients, but also help train them to do what they have the bandwidth to do. We know that the eCommerce world moves quickly, so we train our clients know how to make most of the day-to-day changes. That being said, we help maintain and update stores for all of our clients and offer support to them to make sure that we are there to help them when they need it!

Our entire team works with the BigCommerce platform, from Account Managers to developers to Sales Team, making all 32 team members competent. The way we drive our team is through the way we partner with our clients. We really look to fully understand our clients goals, who they are behind the business, and how we can help them grow. With that, every project team is eager for our clients success and are empowered to find the best solution.

An example would be when a client comes to us and saying they need something extremely specific done to their site. Rather than just nodding our heads and doing it, we take a step back to ask our client the why. When we know the why, we can either make another recommendation, or we move forward with their request, but with the knowledge of how any why they want to do that, allowing our Developers and Designers to make changes with the end goal in mind.

Designed to Attract, Built to Convert

Dainty Jewell’s - Dainty Jewell’s was one of the first on the market to offer modest fashion apparel that women can feel comfortable and stylish in. They wanted a site that better reflected their elegant styling and modernized the brand, as well as offer functionality that streamlined the user experience. With a focus on femininity, we added custom script fonts, floral drawings, and other accents throughout the site to add a really custom feel and complimented the clothing of the site, giving users a unique experience on their site.

Compendium - The extremely popular gifting brand that is Compendium wanted to not only redesign their website but also add functionality to better fit their customer needs. The website creates a clean design, leaving the focus on the products while also sharing their personality. This new website needed to focus on both their B2B and D2C shoppers, so we used BigCommerce’s user groups and wholesale pricing to allow for wholesale shoppers to shop right through the website without obstructing the D2C part of the site.

Humble - Humble Brands offers all-natural deodorants that are growing in popularity in their market. For the redesign, the goals included having a mobile-centric site that appealed to their target demographic while also being playful, approachable, user-intuitive, and aesthetically charming. You’ll see the natural elements throughout the site, as well as one of our favorite little delights - hovers over products produce a view of the ingredients in each one.

Juniper - Juniper Flowers is a well-known Seattle florist that needed a new site to better display their beautiful floral creations and make it easier for users to shop on the site. The design of the site works to show off the beautiful floral arrangements and is designed to be flexible, knowing there’s a huge variety of color, flowers, and design variation that occurs seasonally in the floral industry. The entire site is designed with end-users in mind, making it easy to shop based on the occasion, while also highlighting some of their favorites, with a streamlined checkout that makes it easy for users to make their first purchase.

Kryptek - Kryptek Outdoor Group is a well-known hunting brand that came to efelle looking to design and build a website that would improve user experience, increase their conversion rates, and help them continue scaling their growth. The new website speaks to the brand well, using their patented camo pattern and dark black and red through the site, making it unquestionably cool. Along with your standard eCommerce product pages, we designed and built landing pages that speak to the technology and different patterns of camo, giving users an in-depth understanding of why Kryptek is the best choice for hunting apparel.

XKGlow - XKGLOW creates and sells high-quality light accessories for cars, off-road vehicles, boats, and much more. Previously the XKGLOW website was hard to navigate and wasn't a good platform to show off the products in a way that showed the quality and design that was behind them. The new XKGLOW website shows off their personality in a unique way and focuses on their awesome content and photos, resulting in increased conversion rates, and helping them stand out against their competition.

Sugimoto - Sugimoto Tea has been creating and selling Japanese green tea since 1946, and they wanted a new website to show their history and experience while enticing users to buy. The site was designed to be welcoming and informative, drawing on the company’s Japanese heritage, while also highlighting the innovative nature of the Sugimoto team. With education as a crucial part of their process, we used a headless commerce approach, giving the Sugimoto team a CMS that allows them to have robust explanatory pages and gives their content a front seat on the website.

Taylor Shellfish - Taylor Shellfish is a Seattle restaurant staple that also ships shellfish all over the world. They came to efelle with the goal of improving their website’s eCommerce experience, so it was designed with the goal of appealing to both eCommerce and restaurant customers. The website is built to show off first and foremost the brand and delicious shellfish they sell, then segmenting users to different areas of the site based on their needs. The design is very branded and fun and speaks to a true PNW look and feel.

Kasala - Kasala is a home furnishing company based out of the Pacific Northwest and wanted a website to show off their high-end furniture and make it easy for customers to find quality pieces online. The website is designed to put the product’s front and center, while also making it easy for visitors to learn they can check out the goods in person at one of their brick and mortar locations. Through clean imagery and straightforward content, users are able to shop and buy online in a number of different furniture categories.

Cathy’s Concepts - Cathy’s Concepts has been designing and creating personalized gifts since 1988 and since they began, sold as a B2B distributor, but decided they wanted to expand their offerings D2C in 2019. As a semi-new business, we started off developing user personas for the site so we could best understand how it will be used. The design of the site is clean, providing the perfect mix of personality while also highlighting the products, and it even has custom functionality that allows users to monogram and personalize their products.

The Edge

At efelle, we’ve got years of experience as BigCommerce Elite partners, along with our 15 years of experience in the web world.

We’ve found what works and know the perfect balance of integrating and partnering with our clients while providing an objective eye to share best practices and strategies. We offer a holistic approach to our clients, knowing that a website is just one aspect of a business and that SEO, social media, and digital marketing are crucial facets of a business. Our ability to offer all of these services is not only beneficial to our clients but also benefits our process because we are focused on a 360 degree view of how a business operates and markets.

At efelle, we consider ourselves partners with our clients. It’s not uncommon that a client will receive an email from someone in our leadership team saying “I was thinking about your business the other day and I had an idea to increase your conversion rates…” Our commitment to their success is evident in every member of our team and we take our partnerships very seriously.