An executive conversation with Jeff Lew 

President & Founder

Taking advantage of BigCommerce Platform

We’re a multi-platform eCommerce web development company. BigCommerce is a part of our overall workload but our processes translate across most of the major eCommerce platforms.

When we’re consulting with a company, we’re looking to address the things that are holding their website back from performing at its best. Sometimes, that is a speed issue. Other times, it’s a UX issues or a basic one-time issue like overseeing the install of a security update. We create a roadmap that works with both the clients’ budget and their goals and get to work, reporting back at key milestones.

Our developers have significant experience with every eCommerce platform. That’s probably our greatest differentiating factor to most web development agencies. We actively service clients on ZenCart, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce/Wordpress, and OpenCart. That doesn’t mean we’re a Jack of all trades, however. As a company, we’re very particular about what we’re looking for in a developer when we’re hiring and it’s often the soft skills—like the self-drive for continuous learning—that help us determine whether a candidate will be a good fit on our team or not.

Numinix offers a number of services for BigCommerce. API integration, Programming across a number of languages including PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS. Javascript, and React, eCommerce plugin and app development, speed optimization for existing e-stores, conversion optimization, user experience, testing, and security updates.

One of the key benefits of BigCommerce is the enhanced security features, which are considered superior to that of other major eCommerce platforms due to the Distributed Denial of Service protection, firewalls, and file integrity scanners creating a multi-layered approach to security for BigCommerce hosted sites. This all helps provide us with the peace of mind to be able to optimize other parts of a BigCommerce hosted site.

For example, our developers can perform tweaks to the site’s templates to improve the load speed for BigCommerce hosted sites. These tweaks include CSS sprites for images, which is a must-have for any eCommerce site due to customers wanting high-resolution and high-quality photos of the products. We often describe CSS sprites as the little fairy that goes around collecting smaller bytes of information (in this case, images) and gathers them together so that instead of multiple steps to load, a website’s server just has one slightly larger image to load when it’s visible.

Getting the best: Client/ agency relationship

Occasionally, we’ll have clients that have come to us in desperate need of help because they hired a developer on a freelancer site—only for it to go sideways. This is one of the risks of hiring a remote freelancer through a third-party site. However, it can be resolved easily by asking questions of the developers and asking for a comprehensive plan of what will be done with specific deliverables and timelines. Our two main service delivery principles are customer satisfaction and the pursuit of excellence. We strive for the first by responding to all queries within 4 hours during business hours. We’re also not afraid to call on our sister company, Trek Marketing, to take a look at a site from a technical SEO perspective or PPC perspective to see what improvements can be made by the site owner.