In 2023, AI-driven personalization revolutionized retail. Leveraging advanced algorithms to deeply understand customer preferences has become a commodity. Tailored recommendations and marketing resonated with individual tastes, fostering stronger connections and loyalty. This level of customization streamlined decision-making, elevating shopping experiences. AI's continual evolution enabled swift adaptation, ensuring relevance in real-time interactions. Personalization emerged as the industry cornerstone, redefining retailer-consumer relationships. Its precision and relevance set new standards for engagement, shaping the future of retail experiences.

Tobi Buxhoidt

CEO, parcelLab

There’s been a significant focus on improving the efficiency, cost and sustainability of products returns. Brands have realized they need to get better at managing the products that come back, not just what goes out. They are making new investments in returns management technology and experimenting with when, how, or whether to charge customers for returns. Customers are saying they prefer in-store returns over mailing in boxes, and so brands are following suit with new partnerships and drop-off options that also reduce waste and returns processing costs. Recommerce programs have exploded, and I expect we’ll see even more in the years to come as brands explore more sustainable options for their used items.

Gaurav Saran

Founder & CEO, ReverseLogix

Firstly, the industry has seen a dramatic increase in theft and shrink in 2023. Retailers have had to make operational changes in terms of security and additional measures for locking down more expensive products inside the store. We have even seen some retailers retreat in certain high shrink markets, more notably is Target.

Secondly, is the staying power of grocery e - commerce. Many analysts believed that the pandemic would only be a blip in terms of the increase in online sales. The reality is Brick Meets Click recently announced US eGrocery Sales for October 2023 of $8.2 billion, which is not that far off from $8.4 billion recorded in April 2021, following the $9.3 billion recorded at the height in March 2021.

Sylvain Perrier


2023: Retail's Standout Year

2023: Retail's Standout Year